Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Drive on Oregon Highway 3

I walked out of the RV this morning and smelled smoke.  We drove up to the Enterprise airport, which is on top of a big hill, and this is what we saw down below.  There is a fire north of here.

We decided to drive north on Highway 3 to see what we would see.  First we saw buffalo.  There's a ranch just outside of Enterprise.  They're on the menu in Enterprise restaurants.

This is the Joseph Canyon Overlook.  The kiosk there talked about how the Nez Perce would travel with the seasons.  During the winter they would go to lower elevations.  They could not understand why the whites would stay at the higher elevations and endure the winters.  The Army wanted the Nez Perce out of the Wallowas.  One of the ways they forced them out was to set fire to their stored food for the winter.
Anyway, this was a very smoky part of the drive.

Up the road is a restaurant with attached tipi rentals and vintage RV rentals.  They have quite the view.

The road continued upward.  Look at the right side of the photo.  See the road tracing the side of the hills?

I got this off the web, this is Rattlesnake Grade.  That's a 20 mile per hour turn at the bottom.

This is the same curve, see the double log truck?  They tend to drive over the center line at a high rate of speed.

On the way back we went to see Flora.  Flora was platted on April 7, 1897. By 1910, it had a population of 200 residents and an eight-room school. It is considered "the most substantial town to fail" in the Northeast Oregon region.  Officially it's listed as a ghost town.

This is the old school, which has been turned into an arts center.

I'm too close to the church for you to see it, but this building is listing about 15 degrees.

People still live up there, there are vast fields of growing things, as well as cattle.

We stopped at the Joseph Canyon over look again on the way back; still smokey.

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