Friday, September 23, 2016

Harrisburg to Pendleton, OR

We have departed maintenance.  Yay!!!  We were up and out early for the 311 mile drive to Pendleton.  It's farther than we like to drive, but there's just not a lot out there.  The route was I5, to I205, to I84.  The drive is fast, it's predominantly downhill.
The drive along the Columbia Gorge is just lovely.  It would have been more lovely if the sun had been out, but it wasn't.

The hills are really pretty.  It's an austere beauty.

It's windy out there, wind turbines are on both sides of the river.

This was taken through the side window, once you get close to Pendleton it becomes more desert-y.

Tomorrow's route starts with a 12 mile climb up and over those hills.

We're back at the Wildhorse Casino and RV park.  I think the Verizon signal might be better than last year.


  1. You are moving the right direction, tho it snowed here yesterday!
    Box Canyon

  2. It's a gorge-geous area (pardon the pun!) Glad you are moving south now; winter is coming! We are smack dab in the middle of the country, where a summery day can be followed by a fall day or a wintry night. We can't get south fast enough for our liking! Glad you got your maintenance done. So far Barry has been able to DIY everything, so we haven't once been to a shop, but I am sure that won't last forever!