Monday, May 23, 2016

The National Automobile Museum

Today we went to the National Automobile Museum.  They have the Harrah collection of cars.  It's extensive.  I took a lot of pictures, but the lighting in there is pretty difficult for photography, so I'm going to spare you about 150 photos.
The is the Phantom Corsair.  In my picture it's just a black blob, this is much better.  Anyway, it was designed in 1938 and one prototype was built.  It was way ahead of its time.  Unfortunately, Rust Heinz, the designer was killed, and that was the end of the car.  The museum has the only one.

Here we have the Dymaxion, designed in the 1930s by Buckminster Fuller.  It was also way ahead of its time.  The front two wheels are powered.  The back one steers the car like a rudder.  There are no back windows, there was a periscope to see behind you.  Top speed was 120 mph.  Three were built, the museum has the second one, the other two disappeared.  They are starting a fund raising drive to restore the one they have.

This is a 1913 Stanley Steamer.  See the round thing under the hood?  Steam generation.  This was designed to take guests to a mountain resort.  The whole concept of steam powered cars is just amazing to me.

A 1912 Baker.  It's electric!

This is a 1914 Detroit Electric.  Look at the batteries under the hood.  According to the descriptions these cars were very popular with women due to ease of starting them, and lack of noise.

A 1936 Mercedes 500K Sports Roadster.  It was owned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  This is considered to be one of the most beautiful cars, ever.

It's a good museum.  They have a lot of beautifully restored ancient vehicles.  If you're in Reno and have any interest in old cars it's worth a visit.  If you're in Nashville, go to the Lane Museum.  They have cars you won't see anywhere else.

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