Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cactus and Post Pneumonia

The palm trees are blooming.  Since we have stayed so late in the year, we are here to witness it.  It's actually not all that exciting, but I need pictures of something.

There is another tall cactus in bloom on the south side of the park.  It also has lovely blossoms that appear in May.

Unlike most of the tall cactus in the park, this one is fairly prolific.  It would be something if all of these would open at once.  I need to go by and see what he's doing.

We saw the doctor this morning.  She no longer hears the crackling in my lungs,  so that's a sign that things are better.  I still have the cough, but it's not nearly as bad as it was.  Last time I was in to see her my oxygen saturation was 90, now it's 96, so that is good as well.  What is not so good is the fact that the tendon inflammation and increased risk of Achilles tendon rupture from taking the Levoflaxacin will persist for 90 days.  So until July 16 I'm limited in what I can do.  No mountain biking, road biking on flat roads only.  The 12% hill we like to power walk up is off the table as well.  This pretty much sucks.  Having witnessed first hand the awfulness of a ruptured Achilles, I have no desire to experience it.  There was a six pound weight loss during the period when I couldn't eat, so that was a bonus (not).
If you're 65 or up, and you have not had the pneumonia vaccine I can not stress how much I think you should go do that.  Today.  Apparently there is the vaccine, and then a year later a booster, and then you are done.  There were a few days when I was sincerely afraid I would crack or break a rib from the coughing.  This is not something you want to have if you can avoid it.
We're out of here on Sunday.  Finally there will be pictures of something new.  Blythe!  Yay!!!!!!!!


  1. Mostly good news I guess, but bummer about the increased risk of Achilles tendon rupture.

  2. Woohoo, new scenery...even if it is Blythe! We leave San Diego at the end of the month, after 6 months, and I am SO READY!

  3. What a bummer that first Jim and now you are limited in physical activities. You need to better synchronize your disabilities. ;-) Here's wishing you a safe trip and cooler air ahead!