Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Alabama Hills

This morning we did easy hiking in the Alabama Hills.  It’s a really cool area of boulders with an excellent view of the mountains.  It’s just unbelievably beautiful there.


This is the Mobius Arch.  It sort of does look like a Mobius strip, kind of.




More boulders.


This is a tiny little arch at the top of some more boulders.


More mountains.


It was a good outing.  Jim’s hiking boots feel very good.  We were concerned that there would be rubbing on the scar, but there was none.  We are both very aware of the fact that we’ve been sedentary since November 11.  I was also aware that I haven’t had the complete clearing out of my lungs.  Any thought of hiking at higher altitudes just went out the window, I’m still short of breath.

Tomorrow promises to be harrowing.  There’s a high wind warning starting at 1 pm for winds gusting to 70 mph.  This is going to be unpleasant. Hopefully we’ll be able to leave two slides out, and we won’t get bashed by tree branches.


  1. Being somewhat out of shape and moving to higher elevations certainly doesn't make it easy to get back in shape! But at least you are in cooler temps!

  2. I fell in love with this place during our first visit last fall. I purchased the small paperback book at the museum on all the arches in the area. We had so much fun picking different sections each day and wandering around trying to find all the arches in that area. It was a fun mission for the four of us because some of us could climb around and while others relaxed lower. It gave us a purpose while investigating. I can't wait to return to finish. Also, Mt. Whitney is calling us to hike a little higher:)