Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sparks, NV to Klamath Falls, OR

Today's route was US395, to CA139 to OR39.  See the gray line between just south of Susanville up to Adin?  That is CA139.  If you are driving a Class A,
The lanes are very narrow, the fog stripe is often on the crumbling edge of the road.  There are sharp drops from the edge of the road.  The surface of the road is so rough that it causes the RV to move from side to side.  It was 65 miles of absolutely miserable driving.  Jim held it to 40 - 45 to keep the bus under control.  We would have been better off staying on US395 and going through Alturas and then over to CA139.  It's longer, but the road is better and speeds would have been higher. 

The road surface on a good stretch.

There are several pretty good climbs on the route.  Here were are behind the first paint truck of the day on a climb.  The yellow center stripe was wet.  Hours later we would be behind another paint truck doing the fog stripe.

If you're in a B or a C class, or a car, or a motorcycle, it's a gorgeous drive.  It's just not enough road for a Class A.

So, we're pretty tired and happy to be in Klamath Falls.

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  1. Thank you for the warning! We've encountered a few roads like this in the southeast. They can be downright scary at times, and with speed limits of 55 mph, sometimes we were lucky to do 45 mph for safety. I wish all roads had to have wide shoulders (for we bicyclists as well!)