Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pleasant Walking and Miscellaneous Stuff

This morning we drove out to the Eagle Crest Resort.  If you drive to the back of the resort there is some parking and a path down to a river trail.  It's really very pleasant down there next to the water.  The resort itself is unbelievably big, with a massive golf course.  There are asphalt paths running everywhere; today they were packed with families on bicycles.  Very few people were on the river trail.  If you want a pleasant, unpopulated aspect, this is the place.

Yesterday, after leaving the museum, we stopped at Safeway and got a sandwich.  We were parked next to a hill which was full of what we think are California ground squirrels.  The entire hill side was full of burrows.  This is a family.  The adult was standing guard, while the juveniles were milling around.

The adult sent the kids back to the burrow so he (or she) could roll in the dirt.  I love watching squirrels.  I realize people who have had them in their attics are not fond of them, but so far we've had no issues with them.

This is such an interesting trailer.  It has a pop top. There's a sink drain going into the sewer, so I doubt if there are holding tanks.  We did not see any identifying marks on it, so I have no idea what it is.

This is one of the reasons we consider the driver's side of an RV site toxic.  When our neighbor left, first they took the sewer hose off with bare hands.  Then they completed emptying it onto the ground. Following that, they took the clear plastic elbow off and placed it on the power pedestal.  Prior to leaving they picked it up bare handed and stowed it.  They then jumped in their truck and drove away.  I think a quick over view of microbiology and sterile technique should be required of all RV owners.

Tomorrow (!) we're leaving for Harrisburg.  We've got the truck hooked to the RV already and we'll be getting up really early.  Hopefully traffic will not be too horrific.  As a rule we don't travel on Memorial Day, but we're currently schedule driven, and so we must go.

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  1. Ewwwwww! I can't believe people don't take better precautions with their sewer hose and elbow. Putting that on the electrical pedestal is just WRONG. At one of our one-nighter commercial parks while traveling from FL to NC, we saw TP and a bit of poop on the ground near the sewer hookup on our site. Really turns your tummy. We are so conscientious and careful about that stuff; sure wish everyone were!