Saturday, May 7, 2016

Heat and Trichocereus

Here we have part of the extended forecast for next week in Tucson.  It's going to make getting ready to leave here painful.  We overstayed by a week!  Just one week.  Oh well.  I checked Blythe, which is our first overnight after leaving and it will be 101 there.  I suspect there will be driving with the generator and the roof air on.  Blythe is one of those places that just sucks the air out of your lungs, it's so hot.

Other than whining about the weather, I have not much to report.  Jim has recovered from his cold.  I'm better, but still have limited energy and am coughing up material from the bottom of my lungs.  It's particularly bad at night, which makes sleeping difficult.

We have more cactus.  This is one of the tall ones that blooms.  I wonder if they are related to the trichocereus pictured below.  Their blossoms are very similar.

This is my favorite.  I got up early to photograph it before it closed up, but it was in the shade so it wasn't looking so vibrant.

We came by later on the walk and the sun was on it.  These things are just gorgeous.

This is another type of trichocereus.  The cactus part is bigger and the blossom is yellow. 

I think the white petals with the pink on the edges are the prettiest.

So that's it.  Late blooming cactus and hot weather is all I have to report.


  1. I haven't even taken pictures of the blooms. Just trying to prepare for the heat. Thank goodness for the second air conditioner we bought last year.

  2. Those pink and white blossoms are gorgeous! I've never seen those before...

  3. Regarding Blythe, How do they get people to live there? Is there a fence and armed guards?

    1. There is the river. People enjoy boating and sunburning. It's a total mystery to me why people live there.

  4. I love your cactus flower photos. I never realized they had so many different and gorgeous blooms. I guess that's the one advantage of Tucson in the blistering heat of late spring.