Thursday, May 12, 2016


OMG.  It. Is. So. Hot. The air conditioning started at 8:00 this morning and has not stopped once.  If we lose an air conditioner we are going to die.   Wunderground is predicting 102 tomorrow.  We may die anyway.  It's reached the stage where it feels like you're sitting in an oven.

We were up and out early today for the walk.  Here is Jim standing by the prolific tall cactus with the wonderful blossoms.  It's a big plant.

I love these.

This is our main driver for going to Oregon.  The dreaded leaking ice maker.  Look at today's icicle.  It has managed to freeze all the way down into the cup in the back corner.  It still works really well, but the leak must go.  Eventually it will quit leaking there, and the leak will move to the right.  Then it leaks into the ice bucket and all of the ice freezes together.

Tomorrow I get my ear checked by the local ENT.  Hopefully the pressure generated by the coughing did not enlarge the hole in my eardrum.  Then there is one more trip to the grocery store.  For some reason we can't just go to the store and get everything.  Multiple trips must be made.  I guess it goes without saying that we're looking forward to cooler temperatures.

On a completely different topic; do you ever wonder what's driving the cost of health care?  I found this chart to be extremely interesting.


  1. What in the world do all those administrators do, anyway?

  2. Jeez, that is one awful-looking chart, not to mention awful-looking thermometer! Get thee to the north at once! ;-)