Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Updated Title - HABOOB!

Oy!  It was an early start to the day.  The maintenance guys were on dawn patrol doing weed removal behind the RV.  In addition to having a discussion about a trip to the ER, they had a boom box on the Gator playing rock and roll from the 1950s.  So, we were up much earlier than usual.  The day began with a good breeze and clouds, but was fairly pleasant.

Jim headed out to scrape the old illegible labels off the water manifold and affix new ones.

It's a cool system, it allows you to selectively shut off water within the RV, without having to turn off everything.  The main thing we use it for is to fill the fresh water tank, via one of those switches.

Then it was off for an hour of fast walking down the Santa Cruz trail.  We saw this.  It spans the width of the river, and we are guessing it's to trap debris when the river runs.  It seems like an excessive amount of concrete.  Jim says it looks like a tank trap.

After walking there was lunch and watching the Giro d'Italia team time trial.  Our satellite package includes Universal Sports and they are carrying the race, which is good.  When we upgrade to get Versus in July for TdF, we have to step up 2 package levels and they charge us an additional $40 which just irritates the living snot out of me.
I happened to glance out of the front window and noticed the previously blue sky had turned brown due to dust.  It's really windy.  There is probably zero visibility 50 miles north of here, the freeway goes through cotton fields and the blowing dust is just horrific.

As a rule, I don't discuss politics here because it's pointless.  Everyone has their opinion and they're entitled to it.  But really.  Have you been following the kerfluffle about Rev. Jesse Peterson?  This is a cut and paste from the Fox website.

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a frequent Fox News guest, thinks one of the greatest mistakes America has ever made was allowing women the opportunity to vote. In his sermon entitled "How Most Women are Building a Shameless Society," that went viral on YouTube back in March, he defends his position by saying "they're voting in people who are evil." Peterson, who's appeared on Sean Hannity's show, has made past controversial statements, such as thanking God for slavery because 'it brought Africans to live in the greatest country in the world. '

Women should not be allowed to vote?  I was going to link to the you tube, but decided I don't want it touching my web page.  In other coverage he's quoted as saying husbands should beat their wives, and etc.  How is this happening in the year 2012?  How have politics gotten so crazy that a candidate for sheriff in Idaho hosts a cross burning?  What do you think?  Is cross burning protected speech?  I, personally, am speechless.

In other, better news, we discovered why we were getting water in the refrigerator and fixed it.  Us!  With our own two hands we diagnosed and fixed a problem.  Tomorrow Ken is coming at 0830 hours to install our new parts.  We're planning to leave Saturday.  Friday we're going to tow the truck around and do some more practice with the Blue Ox.  Then we shall leave this place.

Update to post - we're watching the 10:00 news, and the dust storm today was a haboob.  It came up from the south and moved north through downtown.  We were seeing the southern edge of it from the park.  So, there you go.


  1. Maybe the sheriff wannabe's cross came from Peterson's church??!!

  2. I had never heard of that idiot. Other than that I plan to ignore all of it except to say he is certainly getting attention. Undoubtedly he hates women.

    In other pop news, the Octomom has been receiving quite a bit of negative attention. Talk about an idiot! And her gynecologist needs his head examined too. I feel sorry for all those kids.

    Good luck getting going! Looking forward to reports from the road.