Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Night in Tucson

We successfully attached the truck to the RV today and towed it around the RV park.  Hooking up the truck to the RV is not that mystical.  There is a youtube that explains in detail how to do it.  Youtube is amazing.  The other day we were trying to adjust a cabinet hinge and were able to find a youtube for our particular hinge.  How did we live without the internet?  Anyway, putting the truck's transfer case into neutral is the thing that's giving me the willies.  Today's key learning is after putting the transfer case in neutral, do not put the transmission in park while the engine is running.  So, I have that indelibly imprinted in my frontal cortex.  It was a good exercise, we discovered a couple of missing screws on the 7 pin receptacle on the RV (fixed with a trip to Lowe's) and that we needed a better attach point for the break away cable (fixed with a trip to Summit Hut for a carabiner).  

I found this on the web, it's a shot of Wednesday's haboob.  It's amazing how the edge of the dust comes in.  
Tomorrow we're heading out.  With any luck there will be new, interesting pictures for you to view.  It's time, my geographic attention span has just expired. 

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