Monday, May 14, 2012

Blythe to Temecula Valley RV

Last year in Blythe we had the vicious biting ants.  This year we had clouds of little black bugs.  They were small enough to get through the screens.  We didn't realize how many were in the RV until this morning until we found hundreds of little bug corpses in the shower and the sinks.  These are dead bugs on the vent in the kitchen.  They're just disgusting!  We got the shop vac out this afternoon and gave them a proper burial.

This is me in my new RV configuration.  I have a foot rest and can put my feet right in front of the air conditioning vent.  It's pretty comfy.

This was taken on the I60 between Beaumont and Riverside.  I enjoyed the RV exhaust brake very much.  When we were towing the 5th wheel, long down hills made me very tense.  Now I am relaxed and happy, which makes Jim happy that I'm no longer being a nut bag on the grades.

This is nav central, aka the space between our chairs.  I have my RV specific GPS (it knows how tall we are, and that we don't want any u-turns), maps, lists of RV parks, and the directions I got by calling our destination.  We are nothing if not prepared.

So, we're parked at Temecula Valley RV.  We're having a new satellite antenna installed, and a few other items.  Then we will be done until something breaks.  Remember, Class A ownership requires a sense of humor, a good extended warranty and a check book.  A flexible schedule doesn't hurt, either.

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  1. Ooh, good thing you got rid of those pesky bugs. That's a comfy foot rest you have. Nothing says chillax than a cozy foot rest, eh? The new satellite is surely a great addition! Well, I'm wishing you a happy trip with your lovely RV! :D