Saturday, December 3, 2022

Walking and Overthrow of the Consitution

I forgot to post this picture the other day.  Are these not darling pants?  That's my darling husband wearing them.  Over his left shoulder you can see the darling chicken milk pitchers.  They're from the Shawnee pottery company, which I believe is out of business.  The top yellow one was used by Jim's Mom when Jim was young, which gives you an idea of how old they are.  Kidding, just kidding.

Today we went up the hill departing about 1:20 pm, in the bright sunshine, at 24F.  I was wearing my long sleeved V-neck capilene undershirt, with my cheap JC Penny fleece pullover, under my big Lands End Fleece with a scarf, ear bra under the watch cap, mittens and hand warmers in the palm, black fleeced pants, gaiters over the Thermochill boots with snow shoes.  The snow is still 8 inches deep because it's too cold to melt, I was almost too warm from the effort required to move across the snow.  It was good, we waffled about going, but when the sun is out you really have to go.

Steve was wondering what an ear bra is.  Here is a picture.  My ears do not like to be cold, so I wear this under a stocking cap, or a hiking hat to keep my delicate ear lobes warm.  They're really good, not a lot of bulk and they're comfortable.  For whatever reason, Blogger has decided not to center that photo for love or money.

Later there was sort of a sunset shortly after 4 pm.

Changing subjects now, this is what our former Commander in Chief, President of the United States had to say today.

Yup, he wants to overturn the Constitution so he can become dictator for life.  Clearly this man has issues.  Thus far no one from the republican party has said that perhaps this was inappropriate.

That's it - that's all I've got.


  1. Pixie said it all. But I do love the pants.

  2. Ditto for Pixie's comment. At some point the guy has to stroke out, right?
    The sunset photo is lovely.

  3. yep, and still the GOP does not repudiate him. I'm sure you've seen the brouhaha about Biden as a private citizen asking Twitter to remove the revenge porn pics of Hunter's penis back in 2020, the repugs are up in arms! So of course, my senator the disgusting Ted Cruz, dug it up and posted it again.

  4. Insanity has no bounds. And it's Democratic party, you idiot! The mind boggles.

    I may have already commented on the ear bra (never heard them called that either!) when you first mentioned it, but what a brilliant solution. Thank you so much for the idea. My ears get cold no matter what hat I wear, and I only wish I'd known this little trick a couple of winters ago. I have an ancient Hind ear bra, for when we used to cycle in the winter (no longer do; Belize and Mexico ruined us for cold weather cycling), and it has been pulled out into duty for our walks and outdoor work, thanks to you. A godsend. I can't believe the difference it has made. Thank you again!

  5. Trump is insane, and no one in his party will point out that the would be emperor is naked as a jaybird, so he continues to believe he is garbed in political finery, the most entitled windbag on the planet. Jim's pants are very cool.

  6. The ear bras I've seen are warm circles of felt or wool or such, gathered with elastic and they pop over the ear. We call the above a head warmer. Which does not make tRump any less a flaming asshole.

  7. Dear God. Trump needs to give it up. He's still going to be fighting the 2020 election long after the rest of us have moved on. (As we pretty much have.)

    Thanks for clearing up the ear bra question!