Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Spin Bike and Glass Block Removal

Welp, the republicans have retaken Virginia.  In addition to that fact is the disturbing trend manifesting in the suburban areas (as opposed to the rural areas) of support moving to the pubtards.  Youngkin ran a smart race, campaigning on keeping the evils of Critical Race Theory out of the K through 12 class rooms.  Never mind the fact that CRT is taught in LAW SCHOOL, the little children needed to be saved from the horrors of the liberal demon spawn.  I guess we're marching towards dictatorship and these dullards who voted against things that aren't real are just happy to get on that bus.  It's an excellent time to be old.

We had about 20 or so kids for Halloween.  The 100 piece bag of candy was more than enough.  I kept the M&Ms, and dumped the rest in the trash.  We can not have that in the house.

Not much has been happening here up until today.  Last week we decided to bite the bullet and buy an indoor exercise bike because it's clear that the season for riding is ending.  Now that I am in my dotage, and totally not acclimated to the cold, 53 appears to be the bottom of my cycling climate range.  Getting that thing in the house was hard.  There's a heavy fly wheel and I swear the rest of it is made out of iron.  We unpacked what we could in the garage and then put it on a moving pad and dragged it down the hall to the staircase to the basement.  Fortunately we had rope on hand, which Jim threaded through the hand holds on the box.  He stayed uphill controlling its speed of descent, and I guided it down the stairs, one riser at a time.  Fortunately the box was small enough to make the turn on the landing.  Assembly was not too awful, so that was good.

The room that seemed infinitely large has now been made smaller by the addition of stuff.  We're done now, we don't need anything else.  So far we've done one 20 minute beginner spin class and it was so hard!  There are a lot of intervals being done on the bike.  It'll be good this winter.

Today, which by the way would have been an excellent riding day (52 degrees at 11:30) we're having the glass block shower enclosure removed.  Why, you wonder.  It leaks and the lack of a door lets the shower stall get very cold.  Neither of these things are good.  It is pretty, and at first we were charmed by its appearance, but then the ugly reality set in.

Here we are, during demo.

It's good that we did this.  The person who did the bathroom did not attach the sill plate to the threshold.  No silicone, no grout, no nothing.  That might have explained some of the leaking.  The arrow is pointing at the sill plate.

That's the piece of tile in the background, Matt (the contractor) is going to put Liquid Nails on the threshold, and then a bunch of silicone.  So, with any luck we will be water tight.  Friday a frame-less glass shower door will be installed.

Here is my homage to fall.

And here is the neighborhood.  Note that the fall color is gone, and the trees are shedding their leaves.

From the department of you can't fix stupid, we have the QAnon people, gathering yesterday in Dallas at Dealey Plaza, convinced that JFKJr would come and greet them.  He would then become the orange one's VP.  How deranged can these people be?  How do they hold jobs?

That's it!  I have covered it all.


  1. Hold Jobs? How do they even breath? I dunno.
    Too bad about your pretty shower- If it were done correctly in the first place...anyway, just to let you know my uncle fell though the glass door of his shower, you can well imagine how long he was in hospital stitched up all over his large body!

  2. I've seen people spinning on TV and said not in my life. Those QAnon people have totally lost their marbles. And there were so many of them. Just crazy.

  3. I agree with you about everything political. I do love the look of that shower, but it isn't practical if it's leaky and cold. Your exercise room looks great! It will come in handy this winter--which appears to have already started here. Ugh.

  4. I loved the look of the glass wall though even if it didn't leak (and had no door), I wonder if it would have been a pain to clean. uhmmm - the dead jfk jr? or is he hanging out with Elvis and Marilyn and the other "not really dead" people.

  5. I read today that one criticism of the Democrats was that they talked too much about policies and not enough about values. Seems to me that policies reflect values but what do I know? And it's doubtful that JFK Jr. would team up with Trump even if he was alive considering his father was a Democrat. Talking with my early 40s daughter about the state of this country I remarked this country was done. Oh mom, she says, the country isn't done, it will still be here. She does not grasp how tenuous our hold on democracy is right now. Yes, the country will still be here but it won't be the one she was raised in.

    We have a shower curtain. I'd love to have a glass wall/door but we'd have to tear out the window and make it narrower. Weren't willing to go that far when we remodeled it last year.

  6. I heard about that gathering at Dealey Plaza. Mind-blowing! Just when you think things can't get any stranger...

    It's a shame you had to take out the glass bricks, but how weird that the shower sill wasn't attached. No wonder it leaked!

  7. I heard about that Dealey Plaza gathering from a friend and couldn't believe it. I had to look it up to confirm. How do these people get through the day? That is just stupid in so many ways. So far, none of the Qanon predictions have come true. You would think that would make people more skeptical.
    That is a shame about the shower and the glass blocks. I like the look but if it leaks that's no good.

  8. Just when a person thinks the conspiracy theories can't go any further, someone starts another one that is even crazier than the ones before. I think critical thinking needs to be taught in schools, not just critical race theory.

    Enjoy your new shower area. I suspect you'll appreciate the change after spin class. :)

  9. I've always kind of liked the open shower concept but now that you mention a cold breeze, I've changed my mind. Never thought of that.

    I don't understand all the crazy shit going on.

  10. Curious why you didn't just buy a couple of trainers to set your road bikes up on, since you already have bikes. Not being critical, just curious, as we plan to go the trainer route next winter when we are in our new house. We actually have one, an older magnetic trainer, but Barry wants to buy a new, fancy Smart trainer for himself and use Zwift for the visuals. I don't know that I need all that, music from my phone and earbuds will probably be fine, but I don't trust that an exercise bike would fit me the way my own bike does -- especially being vertically challenged, as I am. Hope it works out well for you!