Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings Citizens of the United States!  How goes your Thanksgiving?  Thus far today I have made corn bread and cooked sweet potatoes.  The oven will be tied up for two hours with the de-boned rolled up turkey breast (which looks a lot like a football) so the sweet potatoes will be mashed and reheated later.  There is something of a timing issue because the football cooks at 325F, which is not hot enough for stuffing.  I suppose there will be resting of the football and turning up of the heat in the oven to finish the stuffing.  It still feels weird not getting up at oh:dark:thirty and putting a 20 pound turkey in the oven for the day.

It was 41 degrees at noon today.  We went for a lovely walk up the hill.  We're doing laps since the trail is so short.  I saw this in the woods.  The white spots are lichens and the green spot is moss, I think.  They're everywhere up there.

 Here is some obligatory Thanksgiving humor from Twitter.

Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

Hope you all have a happy day with you and yours.


  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had a turkey breast with all the sides. So good but I ate too much. Left overs tomorrow for sure.

  2. Mom and I had some thick slices of turkey and boxed stuffing and were plenty happy just to be together. Putting together a big meal is so complex!

  3. And same to you. We had a nice family gathering of 4 generations though the youngest generation is only 6 weeks old.

  4. Happy Post Thanksgiving to you and Jim!

  5. Hope your turkey day meal was a good one! We had a couple of issues with ours, but most turned out well enough, and the desserts were extra good (all baked by Barry!) It was so nice to celebrate with my mom and step-dad. We haven't done that in years, as we've always been traveling on Thanx, or COVID-quarantined.

  6. LOL -- yes, indeed, people DO have a lot of time on their hands! I'm amazed at the stuff people come up with.