Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Weather

Today was eerily warm, the high allegedly was 60.  It felt colder than that to me, but as an ex desert inhabitant, what do I know.  It was windy, as well.  I walked in to Home Depot without my hat and was very uncomfortable without it.  You can buy nice hats at Home Depot for $10.  So I got one for the return to the car.  I wish Lowes was closer, HD is run by a a Republican.

Anyway, the deck was growing mildew.  The first deck wash Jim bought was not getting it done.  So, we went back to Ace, they had neither a stiffer scrub brush nor a deck wash with bleach in it, so Home Depot it was.  The new brush is good, so is the deck wash.  Jim raised a blister in the palm of his hand from the scrubbing.  My contribution was sitting on a foot stool with a hand brush attacking the bad sections.  It's amazing how fast that infestation came up.

Home Depot has their real Christmas trees out.  A 3-4 foot tree is $30.  We used to pay that much for a 7-8 foot Noble Fir in the previous decade. They're nice trees, the needles are not dropping, they feel good.  Trees in Tucson were just sad from day one.

There was a limited sunset tonight.

The climate could be worse, we could be west of the Cascades.  This was on KOMO yesterday morning.

Other than this paltry offering, I got nothing!


  1. Apparently global warmer is leading to more rain. I found this interesting article the other day. It's rather short, I'll have to listen to the audio portion.

  2. Jim (being the NASCAR fan and a retired Chevy person) said to tell you that Home Depot sponsors Toyota and Lowes sponsors Chevy. So guess where we shop?

  3. I'm headed to Lowe's today. I only go to Home Depot if Lowe's doesn't have what I want and fortunately for me, Lowe's is a bit closer. I don't celebrate christmas so I don't buy christmas trees (though of course that was my upbringing but I rejected the theology in my early 20s) but when I see what they offer now, perfectly conical trees pruned from saplings with cut stubby branches I just shake my head. I remember when christmas trees were just trees allowed to grow how they would, natural in other words.

  4. I have successfully used white spirit vinegar to clean off miss and mildew in the past

  5. Lowes is always our choice for lots of reasons, one of which is their willingness to hire disabled vets and their service dogs.

  6. It does feel creepily warm, and we have wind as well. I don't mind the temperature but I do fear the wind. I've gotten a 3 foot tree since I was widowed and it's still frustrating to deal with. Some years I haven't bothered, but this December my New Yorkers will be here, including my toddler grandson.

  7. I'm guessing they call it a pineapple express because it comes from Hawaii?

    It's too early for me to even think about Christmas trees, not that we ever buy one.

  8. I heard on the news that there was flooding on the west coast of Washington after days of heavy rain. Hopefully the heavy rains will stay on that side of the mountains.
    I don't put up a tree any longer. I gave it up two years ago. I do put a few decorations out but that's all.
    60 degrees sounds cold to me too!

  9. Is there a mold retardant seal you can treat the deck with? Beautiful sky.