Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thanksgiving After Action Report

While I was making our sumptuous Thanksgiving feast, Jim went downstairs and retrieved the small box we used to travel with that contained Christmas.  We had the little white (18 inches) tree and some ornaments.  There is a turquoise tree skirt that matches the star.  He decorated and put out some additional seasonal stuff.  I think it looks fabulous. The original lights chose to die as soon as he decorated and plugged the tree in, so we put new lights on it.  It is never going back in the original box again.  Cute, eh?

The Butterball de-boned rolled turkey breast was an epic fail.  It was very salty.  Butterball injected it with something to keep it from drying out.  It was eerily soft when you pushed on a slice of it with a finger.  Never again.  Next year we're going back to cooking a chicken in the cast iron skillet in the grill.  It doesn't put food smell into the house the way the epic fail did.  We tried eating some last night for left overs, but didn't make much headway, so it's over the side along with the remaining stuffing.  You can freeze stuffing, but I forgot that and pitched the leftovers.  Maybe next year.

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny.  It was a gorgeous day for awhile.  Then it clouded up. 

Jim wanted to assemble his new toy.  Yep, we live in snow country now.  Fortunately we have a very short and narrow driveway.  This is big enough.  Our neighbors across the street bought a self propelled giant gas snow blower, but they have more driveway that is steep.  We're flat.  It's corded electric, note that it has an LED light for night  time snow removal.

Anyway, I went over to the side yard to get the leaves off the path.  I've quit bagging them and throwing them away, we're putting them under the rhodies and around the trunk of the Japanese Maple.  Anyway, much to my displeasure, the damn cats are wiggling their butts in behind the pavers and continuing to poop in our yard.  So it was off to Home Depot for more pavers and more bricks to stop the pooping.  Now it looks like this.

They don't dig along the pathway because that dirt stays wet and heavy, they use the dirt that's protected by the overhang of the house.  They're starting to irritate me greatly.

Today was the opening day of Christmas.  We put up our new artificial tree (with flocking), the Dickens Village and a collection of shiny things on top of the gas log mantel.  It's tiring.  We spent a lot of time on our feet.

Collection of shiny things on the mantel.

The Dickens Village. 

This is a tree skirt I made a long time ago.  It was before I quilted much and before I knew I would need a walking foot for my sewing machine to quilt anything.  After sewing the top together (those are individual fussy cut strips) I attempted to quilt it, but no.  The three layers did not travel as one, it bunched up, and it ended up being hand quilted.  The trim around the edge is also attached by hand.  It's a huge skirt.  After leaving Bellevue it hasn't been used, because it's too big. 

So that's it!  An epic turkey failure and Christmas decorations.


  1. I'm sorry your turkey roll turned into a throw away. Our turkey breast in the crockpot was wonderful. I'm going to have to check out how to do a chicken on the grill. Beautiful Christmas decorations. We don't put up very much (no room) but I'm think maybe this week.

  2. I tried a stuffed Butterball roast one time years ago and now recall it wasn't very good. It seems it hasn't improved any.

    The Christmas decorations are lovely. I like the pencil tree!

  3. I imagine the butterball turkey roast was brined and I find that too salty as well and you're right, it leaves the meat a different texture.

    We have a tall, skinny tree as well because I bought it when I lived in my condo and had no room. We live in a house now but still don't have any room so it fits perfectly here too. Your decorations are lovely.

  4. Does anybody really like turkey? I'll eat a little bit of dark meat but that's it. I don't participate in Christmas or any religious holidays but your decorations are nice.

  5. Bummer about the turkey! It must have been bad to have to throw it out. You should complain to Butterball. Maybe they could benefit from the feedback!

  6. We didn't like our turkey either! It was soft ish and even though the little pop thing popped out and it was up to temperature, it still looked pinky. Used a recipe that I had put 4 stars on somewhere back in the day but our tastes must have changed. In the garbage the rest of it went! Merry Christmas!

  7. So much is too salty for me. Our turkey was also a bit salty but still good, especially combined with stuffing. I love turkey but with just Mom and me, there wasn't any need for an actual bird. Love your decorations! Your tree topper is gorgeous. I don't have a tree yet although I have put out some decorations. I get a 3 foot tree because I love the smell and it fits perfectly in the yard waste after the holiday. A snow blower! Since I live on the west side, I've never seen one!

  8. Well, chicken is better than turkey any day. Lovely decorations.

  9. I love turkey, but ours (also a boneless roast but a cheapie from Aldi) came out dry, even done in the crockpot. I followed instructions exactly, but it obviously cooked too long, as when I stuck the instant-read thermometer in, it went to 199F almost immediately! Uh-oh. Still, we didn't throw it out, as we don't throw out leftovers unless they entirely inedible, which is rare. This was just dry, so a lot of gravy helped. And mom's stuffing was fabulous, so the leftovers were good.

    My Christmas decorations consist of one small garden flag, which we bought when RVing. We also bought a small Charlie Brown tree then, but it was donated when we moved to Mexico. Since we're still in a rental, I refused to buy anything this year, so the flag is hanging in the hallway, and that is IT. When we're in our new house next year, I'll buy a couple of things, but I do plan on going minimal. I used to have far too many decorations, and it was a PITA to put them up, take them down, and store them. I'm over it!