Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Riding and Doing Stuff in the House

Greetings People of Earth.  What have you been doing?  We sprinkled more art in the house.  We're done now.  We need something really big for the room that has no purpose.  It really doesn't, it's acting as furniture over flow storage.  Pieces that had functional homes in Tucson now are in there.  I think it was supposed to be a dining room or sitting room, but really, who does either thing anymore?  There is a big wall in there that needs something.

These two prints are small, all of the walls are fairly large.  They ended up leaning on a ledge underneath a large window on the staircase landing.  I like them there.

We got the Parryi repotted.  It's very heavy now.  This may be the last pot.  At present he's living in the office in a south facing window.  It's not ideal from an amount of sunlight perspective, but it's what there is.

Sunday we got the road bikes out of their packing boxes and assembled them.  This took place in the garage.  If the brake arches had not been removed, it would have been much faster than it was, but they were.  Anyway, we prevailed and they are now in their winter home in the basement.

Yesterday we got flu shots.  Since we're old, we got the high dose versions.  Afterwards I did not feel bad as I have in the past.  The flu season this year will be interesting since almost no one had it last year. 

We rode in the woods today.  It was cold, really cold.  OK not cold for many of you, but cold for heat acclimated people. 

We started from the McClellan trail head about 1:00 pm.  It was 53 and sunny.  However, the sun is low here in the north, so sunny here is not like sunny in AZ.  Also, one must be aware of how cold it was the night before.  We wore the following.

Me:  Undershirt, jersey, lightweight arm warmers, lightweight tights and the red jacket.  Heavy polar fleece head sock under the helmet and full finger mountain bike glove.  Gray Wrightsocks, mountain bike shoes.

Jim:  Undershirt, jersey, lightweight arm warmers, lightweight tights and a jacket.  Heavy polar fleece head sock under the helmet and winter full finger gloves.  Heavier socks and mountain bike shoes.

We were freezing cold, it was a complete fail on clothing choices.  We should have worn the heavy arm warmers under the jackets, and the heavy tights.  I should have worn my winter riding gloves, the mtb gloves were not warm enough.  If we ride much colder, or on the road, helmet covers will be required to keep the flow of air off our heads.  The only thing that was not cold was Jim's hands.  I remind us here that when we used to ride when it was cold in Seattle, that we would put a vest on underneath the jackets.

Other than this, I have zippity doo dah all to say.


  1. Biking is cold too because of the air flow. Layers, layers and more layers! Glad that you're settling in well. Unlike many people, I like bare walls and don't put up many pictures. (only if I find exactly what I want)

  2. I'm glad that here in the rv i don't have many walls to worry about. I'm like Margaret, don't really put up pictures. Only 48 here this morning. Got the heat and fireplace going.

  3. I've noticed that here in the UK -- even when the air temperature isn't that cold, it SEEMS cold because the low northern sun isn't as warm.

    Speaking of low sun, maybe your agave will need a grow light, especially in winter? I like those little prints on the ledge, too.

  4. I like your art ledge. Very, shall we say, arty! Reading your list of clothing, I swear I would have been plenty warm, but I heat up fast on bike rides and despite starting cold, I tend to peel everything off and end up wearing a lot fewer clothes than the people I see walking their dogs along the way. That said, the last two rides I've done, I kept my arm warmers on for the entire ride. This with thin short-sleeve jerseys and shorts, temps in the upper 60s, but a northeast (chilly) breeze and zero sun. I am definitely more acclimated than when we lived in Florida, Mexico, or Belize now, after surviving our first damp and chilly NC winter last year.

  5. It sounds like you have stopped at a good place in interior resolution. In a year or so you will find out what to do with all the space.
    Keep an eye on that agave. I doubt it will outgrow that pot in your lifetime, but if it does, find a botanical garden to carry it away for the rest of its life. I hope it has the sunniest window your have, or a sunny grow light.

  6. It's nice to have a bonus room, its lack of purpose can be a high purpose in itself. I heard that compared to 35 million cases of flu in 2019-20, a year later, at the height of covid, there were only 2,000 cases, which was a whopping 17,000 times fewer than a year before. And compared to more than 30,000 deaths from the flu in a typical year, last flu season there was only one death. Stunning numbers. I saw it in the The Atlantic, a story titled "We Accidentally Solved the Flu. Now What?" Stay warm over there on the other coast. It's still summer weather over here.

  7. no flu season last year and still idiots will tell you masks and social distancing doesn't work. we're about to get our first real cold front of the season. supposed to get down to 48˚ which down here on the Gulf Coast plains is downright frigid.

  8. Oh my. After a couple of years in the desert, cold is now somewhere around 60 degrees. I love the ledge!