Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Another Ride to the Lake

Here we have pictures from the always lovely Centennial Trail heading towards Long Lake.   We rode to the lake from the McClellan trailhead.  When we got to the trail head the phone said it was 60 degrees.  We had a frost the previous night so the air was fairly cold.  It's a road ride, and there are no cars allowed.  Love that.

At the trail head there is a helicopter landing site, always good for the grievously maimed rescued from the woods.

The lake.  That's a boat launch down there.   

This is taken from the Deep Creek bridge.  There was zero wind.  Any current was not visible to us.

After some internal debate we went with the following clothing choices.

Me:  Undershirt, jersey, light weight knee warmers, heavy arm warmers, vest, light weight polar fleece head sock under the helmet.  Full finger MTB gloves.  White Wrightsocks.

Jim:  Undershirt, jersey, heavy weight knee warmers, heavy arm warmers, vest, black Head Sweats under the helmet.  Full finger MTB gloves.  Heavy-ish socks.  Jim thought maybe he could have gone with lighter socks.

It was chilly starting out because you start with a down hill.  As we hit the climbs we warmed up.  Overall I would say we had clothing perfection.

Here is the agave under his new grow light.  The C clamp could be a little better quality, but the goose necks are very adjustable, and so I think I'm keeping it.

If the rain holds off tomorrow, we'll be back out murdering the day lilies.


  1. Beautiful landscape! I can feel your agave sighing with happiness. :)

  2. Love the reflections! It is chilly in the mornings, but the blue sky makes up for it. I prefer biking on no-road trails or at least places with a dedicated bike lane. Cars make me nervous!

  3. What a beautiful place to ride. I love the fall colors, just wish they would last longer.

  4. Such a lovely place to ride! I am envious. Your agave looks great!