Sunday, August 16, 2020

Wind - Miscellaneous Stuff

Sunday we got the big wind.  It was strong enough to push the covered patio furniture over.  It also stripped leaves off my bougainvillea.  This is rain out to the west.  We, of course got nothing.  I'm not sure what it is with the area, but we get nothing.

Look at the palm trees in the background.  They got bashed around pretty good.  The yard is full of palm tree debris, leaves and pink petals.  It's too steenking hot go go out and clean it up.

Last night we had javelinas on parade.  They were in the yard a week ago and took a paddle off one of my cactus.  It takes forever for a cactus to grow.  So they took two bites of it, and left it on the ground.  This irritates me.  There is an entire desert full of cactus, and they have to eat mine.

They're bad animals.  The woman in question was out walking her dog at midnight.  Javelinas don't see well, but they have an excellent sense of smell.  They smell dogs and think they're coyotes, which are an enemy.  The woman was bitten, and had a six inch gash in her leg.  Look at the tusks.

This is from a cool video - it's about 13 seconds and shows a 747-400 Freighter dropping fire suppressant.  It's the only one of its kind.  Go here and play it, it's pretty cool.

There's a new unproven drug for Covid-19, oleandrin.  It's made from extracts of oleander bushes.  If I'm lying, I'm dying.  Ben Carson (HUD) and My Pillow Guy are actively promoting this in the White House.  There's no testing, there's no data, and they want the FDA to move out smartly approving it.  The company producing it says it will cure Covid in two days.  The article is here if you want to read it, it's just so aggravating.

There is just so much that is aggravating.  The orange wombat held an indoor rally in an airplane hangar today with no masks and no social distancing.  One thousand people were in the hangar, so much for numbers in AZ continuing on a downward trend.  This will never be over.


  1. I'm with you....AGGRAVATING !!!!!

  2. Aggravating is right! I've been watching the Democratic convention and enjoying it. So far it's been inspiring and uplifting which is a real change of pace.

  3. Ten times a day I ask myself, how can this be happening?? is this real life?

  4. I've seen the video of the plane. it is pretty cool. I think if I had javelina in my yard I'd be plinking them with a BB rifle. sting their little butts and maybe they won't come back. and yeah, oleandrin. WTF! oleanders are toxic and as you point out, there is zero evidence that is effective for anything of the things the company is touting it for especially covid. but a con man cons. just more snake oil.