Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hot, Humid and etc. - Updated With Humor

How are things?  Things are hot, humid and dry here.  The clouds are nice, but we would rather have rain.

 I can't seem to take a decent picture of this plant with my phone, Jim's phone, my big camera or my little camera.  It repels photons somehow.  I took this 48 hours after the photo in the previous post, you can see how much it bloomed in a short period of time.

We had a lot of birds visit us this morning.  I'm not sure what they're pecking at, but they're active.  I took water out to them, but they all flew away and hid.  Silly birds.  Hopefully they came back for a drink.  That is a Gambel's quail.  They don't make the bob white sound, they sort of hoot.

The orange wombat went to Ohio today.  Governor DeWine was to have greeted him at the airport, but sadly he has tested positive.  One can only hope that things don't go badly for him.  So the orange guy spoke to his tens of followers outside Air Force One, during which he was heard to say that VP Biden is "against God."  If you'd like to hear him spewing the bat shit crazy, the link to the video is here. He really did sound exceptionally deranged today.

Yesterday Jim and I went to Safeway.  The fraying of the grocery store supply chain was evident.  There are many holes in the shelves all through out the store. NBC talked about it last night, and it's still too many sick workers in the packing plants as well as increased demand.  People don't eat out nearly as much as they used to, so there is more demand.  The restaurant side of the supply chain has not yet been able to retool so they can deliver to retail distribution centers.  It's a major undertaking.

Have you done the 2020 census yet?  If not, get thee to the website.

Update to post:  Christopher David, the guy whose hand was broken in Portland by baton wielding law enforcement after he reminded him of the oath they had taken, posted this.  It's funny.

OK, now I'm done, I have to restart to get a new version of Microsoft 10.  May the force be with me.


  1. DeWine sure went all out not to meet the man.

    1. That was above and beyond the call of duty.

  2. That blue sage is looking fabulous! And, the photos of the squirrel are hilarious.

  3. Good luck with the computer update. I think the picture of your purple plant looks good, but sometimes digital cameras struggle with certain colors. Maybe that's why you're dissatisfied with it?

    I didn't realize the supply chain problems were that severe.

  4. I've seen squirrel feeders like that. I don't know if they can be bought or if they're homemade but they are hilarious.

  5. Did you hear the Gov DeWine later tested negative for covid. My husband and I think he faked the positive so as not to have to meet with that awful orange blow hard who dares to say Biden is against God when he gassed his own people so he could stand in front of a church for a photo op holding a bible upside down. That sunset is astonishing and the purple of that flower is beautiful as well.

  6. The squirrel photos are hilarious, and I think your plant photo is a stunner! That's a really beautiful plant. We have noticed the same "holes" at our grocery stores here in NC. At least a couple of things on our list are out of stock every time we venture out. We were used to this in Mexico but not here in the "land of plenty".