Monday, August 31, 2020

Pictures and More Evil

Well dang-it.  The trouble with not posting regularly is that the evil piles up.  But first, here are pretty pictures.  It did rain Saturday night.  It wasn't a lot of rain, but better than nothing.  Last night we got a little.  Other areas are just getting dumped upon.  Ah well.  December is a rainy month, so maybe then.

We rode yesterday morning.  It was slightly less hot than it has been.  The light was good, not as harsh as it has been due to the slightly shorter days.  Saturday's rain firmed up some of the lose parts of the dirt trails, so that was good.

This is the recent flower spike growing on the bank.  Things are not looking good for it.  Each wind storm causes it to lean more than before.  We were looking today and the agave appears to be lifting out of the dirt a little.  If it goes over, it will need to be disposed of, dirt back filled and more rocks put in place.  This is work we'll probably have to do since the HOA is generally MIA on wash maintenance.

The bougainvillea seems to be at the end of its current bloom cycle.  It's also losing a bunch of leaves.  I wonder what it wants.  Does it want to be cut back?  Does it want to be fed?  Information on the internet is really sparse and one article contradicts the next.

 OK, on to the evil.

I'm linking to this article because the NYT article is behind a paywall.  There are two sources of evil here.  First is Rosenstein.  Like many people, I thought he was a good guy since he named a special prosecutor.  I always wondered why the orange wombat did not fire him.  Apparently Rosenstein was a bad guy.  From the article we learn: "... according to the new report, despite the intelligence community’s concerns about Trump’s foreign ties, Rosenstein personally concluded prior to Mueller’s launch in earnest of his own investigation that there was not sufficient cause to investigate those links and decided that former acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, had conflicts of interest.Unfortunately, Rosenstein never informed McCabe or the FBI that he was effectively closing that line of inquiry, which left them with the impression that a look into Trump’s Russian links would be included in the purview of Mueller’s investigation.
It was not."
No one looked at the orange wombat's links to Russia.  Think about that.  Rosenstein is now in the private sector representing an Israeli company that congress considers to be a major security threat to the US.  Good guy indeed.
Evil part two.  Michael Schmidt of the NYT wrote a book in which the above information was provided.  He sat on crucial knowledge so he could write his damn book, he's no better than Bolton.

Also in Schmidt's book is the tidbit that when the wombat took his unscheduled trip to Walter Reed, he had Pence on stand by in case he had to undergo anesthesia while he was there.  Who among us has had anesthesia while having a partial physical?  Again, Schmidt knew this, didn't share.  Bad reporter, bad.

It's being reported that the wombat is leaning in to his new medical advisor's belief that the country should just go for herd immunity.  Everybody gets Covid; Covid for you, Covid for me... yay!  That's why they forced CDC to recommend not testing asymptomatic cases, they don't want the scope known.  He's back to talking about Sweden's approach which was not to shut down or to socially isolate.  Sweden had huge case counts, deaths and economic damage.  Not sure they had a winning strategy with that.  Scott Atlas, the radiologist, has been telling the wombat that letting Covid run rampant through the country would not be such a bad thing.  Pretty much everything he says on the subject is wrong.  I'm linking to the WAPO article that talks about this. 

So far this week Representative Scalise released an altered video of Ady Barkan talking to Biden.  Ady has ALS and now speaks with an electronic device.  Scalise took his words and digitally altered them.  Great!  Today, the wombat's campaign took some of Biden's speech and cut words out of sentences to change their meaning.  All these people have is lying and cheating.  Twitter flagged them as altered media, but I think deleting them might have been better.

Remember I mentioned Robert Duncan, who is the chair of the USPS board of directors, has a long history of voter suppression efforts?  Today this was made public.

He's running McConnell's super PAC!  The same McConnell who is systematically refusing to fund the USPS.  Can we talk about perfidy and malfeasance now? Update to post:  HuffPost wrote an article on this very subject 9/1/2020.

So, that's my evil hit parade for today.  Don't worry, there will be more.


  1. If only I could find a good recipe, not behind a paywall, and we'd all be happy again.

    1. has some good looking recipes. We make their lemon marinade often (using oregano instead of rosemary.)

  2. Holy cow That was loaded! Thank you for info, I have been laying low as of late...Anyway, the land is gorgeous, beautiful exotic looking plants, nothing i would want to picnic on. Beautiful shots!! Rosenstien did trip up occasionally, I looked at him sideways...I was right! How fugged is my country?

  3. I love that you give us something nice and pretty first.....

  4. astonishing how many people in this country are willing to deep six the whole thing for personal profit and power.

  5. Glad you got some rain down there. We only got that one night of it but, we'll take what we can get.
    I watched the RNC convention just to see what was being said. I've never heard so many lies in all my life.

  6. Since I've been mostly 'out of contact with the world' during the big move, all things noted did, again, scare me silly and increase my worry about the mental processes of too many in the US. Ugh. Also - the desert is pretty even at the end of August!

  7. It never ends, does it. I sometimes feel quite numb in the face of it all. Incandescent rage is draining. As for Rosenstein, i too once thought he was a good guy. How mistaken we were. I also think Mueller was milquetoast, and shame on us for ever thinking he had the balls to save us.