Sunday, August 2, 2020

Wildlife and Clouds

I went out last night about 7:30 because the clouds were looking good.  In the corner of my eye I caught motion.  There were javelinas across the street.  See the baby to the left of the saguaro?

This guy came out later and stood there for awhile.

There were some nice clouds.  No rain, however.  New Mexico is still getting it all.

A small bird on the new flower spike.

Several doves on the old flower spike.  They're going to miss that when it goes over.  Note the clouds in the background.  They're driving up the humidity while not providing water.

More clouds......... later.

This came from twitter.  It's an excellent obituary.

Reviews on the new phone are mixed.  I used to have 10 buttons on my HTC home screen that went to my top ten websites.  I really miss that, so easy to navigate.  Now I have to type in the website name, or say it to the search box.  What is particularly irritating is Bixby.  It's Samsung's failed attempt to compete with Google Assistant.  You can not delete it.  The phone wouldn't let me turn it off for two days until I updated the app - that I don't want.  Being the luddite that I am, I do not need no steeenking phone or computer based assistants.


  1. That small bird looked like some sort of finch. Great obituary.

  2. Your part of the country is so different from mine that we night as well be in different galaxies.
    LOVE the obit, especially the lead-in comment.

  3. Great obit! A woman of conscience.

  4. Wow, LOVE that obit! She deserves credit for thinking about the welfare of the rest of us.

  5. We had an awesome cloud yesterday. I'll include it on my next post. I used to be able to keep up with the technology but the last several years, I've lost interest. as long as my devices do what I want/need technology can go on without me.

  6. I love seeing the javelina roaming around. I don't see them up here unless I go out around Carefree. At least you had some clouds. We haven't for a few days now however the smoke from a fire up north has caused some strange light in the city. Yesterday, everything had a pinkish tint to it. I love the obit! It's perfect.