Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Deer Park (formerly Spokane) RV Resort

While we were in Deer Park (14 miles north of Spokane) we stayed at the Deer Park RV Resort.  We're here because we're in walking distance of Jim's son; well it would be if I wasn't sick and it wasn't freezing cold.

It's a nice park with a couple of caveats.  It's a hike from Spokane.  The first 8 or so miles after you exit I90 are just brutal with stop lights and traffic.  If your GPS tells you to take exit 282 from the west, don't do it, take 281.  GPS seems to think the Spokane Connector route has been completed, this is not the case.  Take exit 281 and go straight up 395.  If you're coming from the east, GPS will tell you to take exit 287.  That will get you here, but the route is pretty curvy, and Stoneman road is not a great route for an RV; too narrow.

It is lovely.  Power is good, water pressure is good.  No data on restrooms or laundry.  There is a heated pool and hot tub.  Internet ranges from really fast to watching paint dry.  I gave up and brought out our Verizon mi-fi.  4G is good here. There are no pesky overhanging trees to scratch your paint or block satellite reception.  Landscape bushes are well away from the RV, so there is no slide interference.  There is a golf course attached to the RV park.  Interior roads are paved, sites are concrete.  We're on site 110 which is pretty level front to back and side to side.  Sites on the left side of the park are shorter and have a fair amount of slope front to back.  We were first placed in site 99.  It was a non-starter.  It's a pull in site, and you must park your vehicle behind.  The sewer is too far back in the site.  For us to be far enough forward to park the truck we would have had to deploy 25 feet of sewer hose.  We hate doing that.  So we asked to be moved, they put us on 110 which is a back in and it's much better in terms of placements of the utilities.

They have a lot of rules.  The one that annoyed me is that you can't have aluminum foil visible in your windows.  We have two windows blocked with Reflectix insulation.  It's bubble wrap with aluminum foil on both sides.  It really helps with the heat from the setting sun.  That restriction seems somewhat picky to me.

This is the only picture I took.  If I was a better blogger, I'd go out and take more, but too tired!

 Deer Park is a cute little town.  They have a good grocery store, Yoke's; good selection of everything.  There are a lot of new subdivisions up here, so they're serving the market of new houses.

There is a small airport about a mile away.  It's not that noisy unless the guy with the obnoxious engine note is doing touch and go approaches early in the morning.  There are some interesting planes and helicopters.

This is a T-28 Trojan trainer.  It's a piston engine aircraft used as a trainer in the 1950's.  The one we saw is painted bright yellow.

There was also a Skycrane.  They are amazing helicopters used for lifting heavy stuff.

If you're just doing an overnight, this is too far to drive.  There is a new rv park closer to the freeway which  I previously reviewed here.


  1. Sounds like a great park. I'm with you though, I keep reflectix in my windows when it's hot. So sorry to hear you are sick. The weather? It's as weird as ever. Seems like winter came early this year.

  2. no foil showing in windows? really? sounds like homeowner association rules. I guess they think it makes the place look like a trailer park. hee hee

  3. An excellent review of your current surroundings. I bet it feels good to be on the move again. I missed a few posts while traveling but I'm all caught up now.

  4. Sorry you're not feeling well! I hope you've been able to see Jim's son in spite of it,