Friday, October 18, 2019

Life in Tucson

Palm trees and bougainvilleas are pretty, but they are messy.  We've spent the last three days cleaning up after the little dears.  We were limited in how long we could stay out there because it was hot and we're out of shape for yard work.  All of that bending over and squatting down is not part of our daily repertoire in the RV lifestyle.  The big cleanup is done now, and we're happy about that.

This is a palm tree blossom.  Eventually they form thousands of little tiny black balls which they drop on the ground.  Then all of this dries out and falls on the ground.  There's a pattern here. 

This is the first time we've seen quail on the wall.  They're so dang cute.  They make a sort of muttering sound.

My Crown of Thorns survived summer in a pot.  We put him on a drip line and he's doubled in size.  That was good, I like that plant.

Yesterday we went to Loya's Courtyard.  We needed something to sit in the corner of the patio.  They sell a lot of big things.  There are three dinosaurs on this trailer, they were made in Mexico.  After they arrived and were put up on Facebook, one sold immediately.  Apparently the people have four acres and are lining the driveway with dinosaurs.

Jim poses to provide scale.

I think this horse is good.

We bought a Buddha.  I think he looks nice in the corner.  As soon as the steenking wind dies down we're going to spray him with sealant so the sun doesn't bleach out the colors.

A coyote visited this morning.  He came up the bank of the wash and into the yard.  He's a good looking specimen.  Many small critters have been eaten.

Very typical coyote slink.

Now he's in the front yard, faced with a wall.  Eventually he turned around and exited from the other side of the house.

That's it, that's all I've got.  Yard work and critters.


  1. Definitely interesting yard are - coyote included!

  2. When I was a child, the field across the road had so many bob white quail. Their song was a constant "bob white bob white bob white". Your quail do not resemble them at all. Your coyote could pass for any coyote here, however.

  3. I do love the Arizona critters, especially the quail who talk to you every morning. I'm pretty sure I need one of those dinosaurs. I'm writing this down!!

  4. nice buddha. I have one put he's not in colors and he is getting overwhelmed by bridal veil wandering jew so I need to clear it out around him. good looking coyote. did you know that each coyote has its own howl and that the other members of the pack can identify individuals by it. my son did a report on coyotes for school one year and I thought that was interesting.

  5. Love your Buddha. Bit by bit, you're reclaiming your home.