Friday, October 4, 2019

Grande Hot Springs RV Resort

While over-nighting in La Grande, OR, we stayed at the Grande Hot Springs RV Resort.  It's an ok park.  It's five miles off the freeway, and the final leg is about a quarter of a mile of dirt-ish road.  There are hot springs there.  We did not partake - too cold.

Power is good, water pressure is good.  Park wifi was tolerable.  Interior roads and sites are gravel.  The perimeter road has a few potholes, but nothing terrible.  Sites were fairly level, and they're really long.  Utilities are in the middle of the site.  There is a lightly used railroad track that runs along the road into the rv park.  I could hear locomotives, but they did not blow the horns and the noise level was low.  There is frequently a lot of wind there, do not put out your awnings!

There are no large pesky trees to block satellite reception.

I think the hot spring pools are in that structure.  Or I could be wrong.

The park backs up to this giant hill.  If you have a satellite antenna you don't want to be on the row closest to the hill, it will block reception because that's south.

We would go back.  It's not so far off the freeway as to make it untenable for an over night stay, because there are no traffic lights.

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  1. I stayed there with a group about two years ago and I remember the wind. Just down the road is the big hotel/hot springs resort. The owner makes wax castings for bronze art. His stuff is amazing and he's got a couple of pieces in the White House. Beautiful statues with beautiful prices, but worth a visit.