Saturday, September 29, 2018

North Spokane RV Campground

While in Spokane, we stayed at the North Spokane RV CampgroundIt's a new RV park, they're still putting in sod on some of the sites.

It's an ok park.  I took zero pictures, so you'll have to trust me on this.  We had a pull through which was a little narrow.  Sites and streets are paved.  Some of the turns in the park are narrow, and some street parking is allowed which does not improve the situation.

Power is good, water pressure is good.  RV supplied internet is worthless.  I could not get it to load anything at all.  No data on restrooms and laundry.  Verizon varied between one bar of 4G and three. It was slow most of the time.  There are no pesky over hanging trees to interfere with the satellite antenna.

They do make you sign and initial three pages of legalese when you check in.  Apparently the owner is well represented by lawyers.  I think their main goal is to ensure that they are not subject to Washington state's landlord tenant laws.

It's much better than the place we stayed last time, so I think we would go back. 

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