Monday, September 30, 2019

Issaquah to Spokane

Yesterday can only be described as unpleasant.  The entire trip we had episodes of spitting rain, heavy rain and snow flurries.  It was cold.  The bus leaks outside air to the inside, so when it's cold, you know it.  We had head and side winds most of the day.  A lot of I90 is rough and could really use some attention.

Here we are approaching Snoqualime pass with the clouds hanging in the trees.  Note the snow in the higher elevations.

More clouds, more snow.

Lake Keechelus.  Looking foreground one can see the stumps are visible.  It's very low.  It's a managed reservoir, so I guess it's not too dire that there is not water in it.

This object was at a rest stop.  Is it a plane?  It's very odd looking.  I couldn't get a decent picture of it from the side.  Jim thinks it might be a Cutlass, but his level of confidence is not high.

Ryegrass Summit.  Does this not look harsh?  The wind turbines in the back are barely visible.

Photo taken at a truck plaza in Ritzville.  It's pretty flat here. 

How does this happen?  It's a single car accident.  Not much earlier he had passed us at a high rate of speed.  It's a perfectly flat and straight part of the road.  Looking bottom left we can see where he left the road and hit the dirt.  It appears that he went up the bank some and then rolled the car.  The windshield and front end are ruined.  No one was in the car, so whoever was in the car managed to leave it.  There we a lot of cars stopped on both sides of the road.  The trucker ahead of us had his flashers on and everyone slowed down a bunch, except for one vehicle.  It came up the left lane at a high rate of speed and only realized that traffic was slow before braking hard.  People's driving ability seems to be deteriorating.  We had a U Haul pass us and then get back in our lane about four feet ahead of us.  We're heavy, we don't stop on a dime.  Fortunately the U Haul responded to the air horn and drove away quickly from us.

After a painful arrival in the RV park (terrible site, got a new one - 37 degrees) we made it over to Jim's son's house for dinner.  They have a new dog.  He's a red headed lab, nine months old.  He's an exceptional puppy.  Very little barking or jumping, he's very mellow.  Here he's also tired from playing with the Lab next door.

Here is Carl the cat, this is how she likes to drink water.  She does not fear the dog, but she won't play with him, either.

So we're in Deer Park, which is north of Spokane.  Currently it's 42 degrees, the forecast is still for a low of 21 tonight.  I am coming down with something, so far it's a sore throat and that weird feeling in the chest. 


  1. Oh ick, that weather looks and sounds wretched. Sorry to hear that you are getting sick. Another ick! I have never heard of any labs other than black, chocolate, and yellow. But I have not researched dog breeds in many years. Interesting! Pretty dog. Safe travels ahead and hopefully warmer temps too!

  2. I do hope you make it much further south tomorrow! Or stayed at the boy's home, with a warm dog and cat tonight.

  3. How utterly bizarre to me. We were at the Carpenitos Brothers pumpkin patch and corn maze in Kent. We had a lovely clear day. It was a little chilly, but made the day so much better.

  4. Well for heavens sake. What happened to fall? It seems we just lurched right into winter!! Love the puppy!!!!

  5. what a miserable day of driving. there are no norms for weather anymore. I saw a similar thing on a trip to California once, passed by a speedy car and then came upon it crashed further up the road, no other car involved, occupants injured. who knows what happens...they fall asleep, an animal in the road?

  6. I love that Carl the cat is a she.

    It looks cold where you are! And who knows what was up with that driver. Some people are just distracted or crazy or both. He was probably texting.