Monday, March 20, 2017

Still Hot With Flowering Plants

Yesterday was spent moving out of the bus and in to the condo.  It was a fairly laborious process.  Regular clothing, bike clothing, non-refrigerated food, refrigerated food and frozen food, all tucked into the truck.   Our pickup has remarkably little space in it.  We should have gotten the crew cab, but we didn't.  Next time we will.  Anyway, after two trips to the condo, it was back to the bus to clean out the frig, uncover the tires, and make ready for departure.  Today we had it at the collision repair center at 9:30.  W.W. Williams did cut us a check for the condo rental without complaint, so that was nice.
It's weird being here.  I had forgotten how nice residential air conditioning is.  When we run the bus a/c it's impossible to hear anything, especially if the convection oven is on.  We also have a real oven here, which is nice.
After going out for breakfast, we walked around through one of the historic neighborhoods.  It was a short walk, too hot.

I don't know what this is.  The blossoms are thick and waxy.

The first wave of the steeeking yellow blooming trees.  There will be two more after this tree species finishes.

It's a good year for the bougainvillea.   Their color is just amazing.

Yuccas in bloom.

This afternoon we decided to scout a ride we used to do in 2009, back when we were younger and stronger.  I wanted to see how bad the road surfaces were and if the area had been over run with houses.  Road surfaces are bad, houses are everywhere.  It's kind of depressing.  This used to be out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing out there.  Now there is retail and housing.  There is a lot of land for sale, so it won't be getting any better.  This is out on the way to Colossal Cave.

Saguaros at Saguaro East.  We were going to do another walk, but it was really hot.  So it was a short walk and back in the truck.

Allegedly we'll get the RV back Friday.  I am very dubious about this.  We drove by the collision place at 12:30 and the doors were still attached to the bus.  Being out of the RV over the weekend is going to suck.  Hopefully we can extend our stay here, but it's too soon to talk to the owner about it.
Other than this, I have nothing else to report.

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  1. I think we did that same same ride when we were in Tucson for a month back in 2014. We were on the east side, so we rode out near Colossal Cave several times. It was a nice loop but very hilly, and we had to work up to it (especially me), as we'd been riding in the flats before landing in Tucson. Of course nothing compares to the short, hilly loop in Saguaro NP East. Whew! Barry loves rides like that, but me, not so much. I hope the condo is (was) nice.