Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hiking, the FCC and Media Manipulation

Today marks the end of the second full week of the plague.  I am better, but it’s still there in the form of a productive cough, fatigue and malaise.  We took the road bikes out yesterday for a short flat ride.  Today we headed out for a hike in the Tortolitas.  It was a short, pitiful little hike, but it was a gorgeous day.

Look at the color of that sky.  Simply amazing.  The ocotillos are leafing out and look very lush.


Big saquaro on the hill.


These bushes are covered in blossoms that sort of look like honey suckle.  They are also covered in Africanized bees so we did not linger.


After the hike we had to find food. We exited the freeway on to Cortaro Farms road.  I have never seen such a retail ant hill.  We quickly decided we would eat whatever was on the right side of the road, because we could not face navigating the horrific traffic.  We ended up at Eegee’s for a sandwhich.  This is in back of the True Value parking lot.  It’s an old quarry that has been turned into a golf course. We did not know this was here until today.


Who is keeping up with news of the FCC?  They have overturned an Obama regulation that limited how much data collection your ISP could do on your internet usage.  Now they’re going to be allowed to use or sell sensitive personal information, including browsing activity, mobile app data, and emails and online chats.  So, keep this in mind before posting anything incendiary online.

Also of interest is Robert Mercer and his manipulation of mainstream media.  This guy is just creepy.  It gives you a good insight on how Google search results can be manipulated, as well as how fake news is planted.  Looks like we’re in for a period of mind control by the wealthy right wing. 

Other than my usual outrage at the perfidy and malfeasance currently inhabiting the White House, I have nothing much to report.


  1. Glad you are finally feeling better and back to a little biking and hiking. It's a drag to be sick when the weather is so nice.
    As to the Trumps stuff, I am trying to bury my head in the sand. It's just too insane.

  2. Darn it... you really got a bad bug. It sure trashed our attempts to have some outings with you guys, but maybe next time. Get all the way well soon.
    mark and bj

  3. Glad you're feeling a bit better! The article you linked re. Mercer is enough to make anyone sick, though. Chilling...