Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Progress is Being Made on the RV

Greetings Earthlings!  How are things in your neck of the woods?  We remind me of turtles on a log.  Today was remarkable for its level of inertia.  There was sleeping in, there was a trip to collision repair to see how things were going, and then lunch followed by a trip to the air conditioned mall.  We spent time at REI looking at all of the camping doo-dads one could purchase for communing with the out of doors.  I got a new hat, so that was good.
In my original report of the damage to the RV, I forgot to mention that Williams also crushed the exhaust pipe for the Hydro Hot (it's a diesel burner that makes hot water and heat in the bus).  The exhaust pipe runs almost to the back wheels, makes a 90 degree turn, and exits on the other side of the bus.  Having any impedance in the flow of exhaust is bad.
Anyway, collision repair took the pipe and the supports off yesterday and sent it out to an exhaust shop, where they will fabricate a new one.  That's good, progress is being made.
The utility bay door is off the bus.  

This is the storage bay door.  The bend in the door has been straightened, and that door does not have to come off.  The white area lower left is where the paint popped off the door.

This is a confusing picture, the camera was struggling with the light.  The small square (oriented as a diamond) is the door that sustained the bulk of the damage.  It's resting on a sheet of aluminum.  The tech will cut out a new door and bend it into shape.  Then the insulation, the latch mechanism and et al. will be screwed to the new piece of aluminum.

There are RVs in various stages of being painted.

This unfortunate RV rear ended a semi trailer.  Apparently it's not as bad as it looks.  Once the broken pieces are removed it can be put back to its original state.  I am surprised insurance didn't total it, but they didn't.

The shop manager we talked to today thinks we will be done Thursday.  That would be a really good thing, because the condo is not available to extend the stay.  Another move to another condo may finish me off!  The good news is that the heat is supposed to break on Thursday.

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