Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Riding, Progress, Car Crashes

We got a ride in this morning.  We parked at the north end of Fantasy Island and rode north on the Harrison Greenway.  It's a nice trail.  Eventually it will go to the Morris K. Udall park and then connect with other trails.  Unfortunately the trail is closed before the park.

We rode up to where the trail ends to see if we could walk through the construction.  Nope!  The trail has been dug down to the dirt.  It is supposed to re-open in the Fall of 2017.

We went by the collision repair place.  The door has been fabricated, but not hung yet.  They plan to have the door installed, paint and clear coat done by noon tomorrow.  They also have to install the exhaust pipe for the Hydro Hot.  Hopefully they'll complete in time, because we can't have the condo for the weekend.
Their paint guy is offended by the previous body work and paint that was done by the first owner.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Look at the bottom stripe on the door in front of the utility bay.  Then look at the stripe on the next forward storage bay door.  They are not the same color.  He's going to do all of that stripe so the color matches.

Finally, today we saw this.  How does this happen?  It's a clear day and this young woman has driven up on to a curb and into the pole.  The half shaft on the other side of the car fell off and is on the sidewalk.  She was sitting in her car, talking on the telephone.  The police will have to come and close the intersection so that the tow truck can get her off the sidewalk. 

If you look carefully inside the car, you can see that the air bags deployed.

So that is all the news from Tucson.


  1. Definitely texting. Unless a bee got in the car cause that would do me in. Lol fingers crossed for the work to be done.