Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lead Bullets, the FCC and Wiretapping Allegations

Well, have you been keeping up with the news?

Ryan Zinke, head of the Department of the Interior, has brought back the use of lead ammunition on federal lands.  Once again, lead will work its way up through the food chain, eventually killing the top level predators.  So, good bye ducks, good bye eagles, good bye condors.  It was nice having you in our world.

The FCC continues its assault on citizens' privacy.  ISPs will no longer be required to protect things like your social security numbers, browsing history or health information.
Republicans in Congress are planning a much bigger assault on the Internet, by making it illegal for the FCC to protect consumer privacy online. With heavy support from the cable and telephone industry, they are hoping to use a rare and far reaching tool known as a Congressional Review Act resolution, which would not only completely eliminate all of the FCC's broadband privacy rules (not just the data security rule), it would prohibit the FCC from ever enacting any "substantially similar" privacy rules in the future. Because of the current regulatory landscape, the Federal Trade Commission is also barred from policing ISPs, leaving no federal cop on the beat to protect consumer privacy in this space.
If you're tired of harassing your congressional representatives, call the FCC.  Four million calls to them last time saved net neutrality, it's time to save it again.

THIS, this is the best tweet of the day.  Ben Rhodes was on Obama's NSC.  This is his response to the current president's unsubstantiated claim that Obama had his New York offices bugged.

Looks like the pivot to being presidential was short lived.

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  1. Sigh, sigh, sigh. The news just leaves me shaking my head every day. How anyone can take that man seriously is beyond me. Ooops, he's our president. :(