Thursday, March 23, 2017

Progress Stalled on the RV

In a previous post, I expressed my doubts that the RV would be given back to us on Thursday.  And so it was not.  We called about 12:30 and were told that due to the enormous drop in temperature (40 degrees), the paint would not dry fast enough for us to drive it today.  There was an implication that it had been painted.  We went by at 2:30 and lo and behold, it was not painted; nor was the exhaust pipe for the Hydro Hot installed.  We talked to the shop supervisor a bit and he assured us that the pipe and the paint would be done TODAY before anyone went home.  We still can't get the RV back early in the day tomorrow because it's cold.

So, that's very aggravating and we are somewhat aggrieved by this turn of events.

This is a 1957 Thunderbird that they are in the process of restoring.  It will be sold when it's done, estimated sale price will be $35,000.  We would buy it, but you can't tow it wheels down.  

Here is another view of my favorite church.  Notice how the palm trees are being blown by the wind.  It came up this afternoon and was quite strong.

Did you read the interview with the president published in Time magazine?  If you haven't, you should.  CNN did an op-ed about how he's living in a fantasy world.  It's also a good, if disconcerting, piece.


  1. Not good news on the RV. Sure hope you get into it today before you get kicked out of the condo.

  2. Brutal. Brings a whole new level of pain to "watching paint dry."