Friday, March 24, 2017

Return to the Bus and the FCC

We're back!  The bus was ready to be picked up at 1:30.  It's a short drive to the RV park, and we plugged into shore power and turned the refrigerator back on.  It's amazing how fast it cooled down.  Since we had a cold refrigerator, we went back to the condo and rescued the remaining food.  They were incredibly nice, and allowed us to delay departure.
The paint looks good, they blended it back towards the rear of the bus.  If you don't look too closely, all the doors appear to be the same color now.

With all of the racket in the news over the repeal of the ACA and Russia-gate, the Senate's recent actions regarding internet privacy have not been sufficiently reported.  The gist of the legislation is this:
The move means Verizon, Comcast or AT&T can continue tracking and sharing people’s browsing and app activity without permission, and it alarmed consumer advocates and Democratic lawmakers. They warned that broadband providers have the widest look into Americans’ online habits, and that without the rules, the companies would have more power to collect data on people and sell sensitive information.
“These were the strongest online privacy rules to date, and this vote is a huge step backwards in consumer protection writ large,” said Dallas Harris, a policy fellow for the consumer group Public Knowledge. “The rules asked that when things were sensitive, an internet service provider asked permission first before collecting. That’s not a lot to ask.”
The full article can be read here.   We're considering signing up for a VPN service, which provides protection against this.  I also think we are done with patient portals for the various doctors' offices.  There is no telling how good their security is.

Since every post needs a picture, here's another attractive church in Tucson.


  1. Good news! Well at least the part about getting back in the bus.

  2. They don't build churches like that anymore...
    Congrats on moving "home."

  3. Glad you got your home back! As for VPNs, we have had one for a long time, since we lived in Belize and Mexico and stayed in an awful lot of hotels with insecure wifi over the past years. We use, which has been good for us and only about $38/year, something like that. There are a lot of choices, though. We don't use it normally, only when we're on an insecure network. It does slow down your browsing a bit, and every once in awhile you'll encounter a site that just doesn't work with it. So it's not as good as not having to use it. But it does help with the privacy issue.