Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hot and Cranky in Tucson

Just color me cranky, nay ill humored; no color me venom spitting unpleasant.  After a cool wet winter, the switch was flipped in Tucson and it went to the mid-90s.  As I type this, a giant dust devil just went through the park.   This is why one should not leave the awning out.  March is an expensive month.  This week there have been trips to the eye doctor and the dentist.  Monday was the ill fated attempt to align the front end of the bus. It is so hot, it's just stultifying.
Tuesday there was fun.  Our friend Greg, who we met in France in 2002, came to Arizona to see people, and we were fortunate enough to be on the list.  We like Greg a lot.  That's him on the left.  I don't know why it is that I never think to get a picture of the front of people.  We went to one of the new El Guero's for lunch.  The original store is pretty funky, but there is no air conditioning.  Did I mention that it's been really hot?

Here is the Sonoran Dog.  There is a bacon wrapped hot dog in there, smothered in beans, tomatoes mayo and mustard.  That is a soft roll holding on to the whole works.  We haven't been there since the last time Greg was here, which was three or four years ago.  One must work out prior to eating such a thing.  If you're in Tucson, go there, and get thee a Sonoran Dog.

Have you ever been in an RV park with park models?  Ever wondered how they level them?  This is how.  One thick piece of wood, and then a couple of shims.  I often wonder how long until the wood compresses or rots.  It always seems somewhat precarious to me.

The bus goes in to the collision repair place Monday.  We've got an Airbnb starting tomorrow.  This is such a giant pain in the butt. It's not like going on vacation for a few days, we're moving out.  We are having to take all the meds out since the bus will be outside in the sun with no air conditioning.  Heat is hard on the drugs.  We'll also have to take all the food out of the frig because we're turning it off.  Then we have to clean the inside of the frig which will hopefully keep the odor down. They won't guarantee it'll stay on power, so rather than risk over drawing the batteries, we're turning if off.  All food taken to the Airbnb will then have to be thrown away, because it'll take 12 hours to cool the refrigerator once it's turned back on when the work is over.
Today we got up really early so we could cover the storage bays in plastic.  Do I look happy here?  No, why no I do not.  Note the tan line, I would just like to say I'm using sunscreen, but this happens anyway.

Still life under plastic.

Butterfly on a lantana.

Here is an excellent article on how the right intends to stack the court systems with conservative judges.  Due to the Republicans' blocking many of President Obama's nominees, there are a lot of seats to fill. The effects of this administration are going to be felt for decades.
For those that missed it, here is the president with Prime Minister Merkel after the press had asked for a handshake for a photo op.  Too bad the leader of the free world had to return to Germany.

Other than being too hot, and too aghast at people justifying cutting Meals on Wheels and school lunch programs, and being pissed off about them bending my bay doors, everything else is fine.


  1. Yes, the heat has been very unpleasant.

    I have the same tan as you :-) Not so bad as long as you wear shorts long enough to cover the line.

    Hope all goes well with the repair!

  2. We escaped the heat and went north... all the way to Utah before reaching 70's and cool nights. Use those wheels as soon as the bus gets repaired :).

  3. Just curious...why are you covering the storage bays in plastic? I am probably being dense here! Hope the time in the Airbnb is better than you expect. Some that we have stayed in have been very pleasant; others, not as much. I always look at it as an adventure and change of scenery. Sorry it got so hot. That would be tough; of course, we are freezing here in Ohio at the moment, so I could use some of that heat.

    1. The damaged doors have to be taken off the bus. There is a lot of dust and dirt in the yard, so we decided to drape the stuff in the bays. We'll probably end up having to vacuum everything anyway.

    2. Duh...didn't realize about the doors being off. Makes perfect sense.