Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Javalinas, Horses and Bicycles

Greetings Earthlings!  We are settled in to Tucson.  The heat has abated somewhat, and happy we are about that.  We purchased the fake grass rug and installed it and the rope lights and the palm tree lights.  While we were doing those chores we spotted a javalina in the park.  This is a bad thing.  They like to burrow through the skirting on park models so they can find a cool place to sleep.  This is the last of the group that was trapped inside the fence after it was completed.  I feel bad for him/her.  They live in family groups with defined territories.  His group is gone, and now he'll be on his own, alone.  The park people came out in a golf cart and tried to herd him out, but they failed.  It's amazing how fast they can run.

These are the palm tree lights.  This year I had access to the eight foot ladder, and was able to put them up higher than last year.  They look good - very cheerful.

There have been two consecutive days of riding the bike trail.  We've seen three horses so far, with no humans in evidence.  This one was in a field along the path, and we saw two in the Santa Cruz River.

This is the bed of the Rillito River.  Look at all the vegetation.  We've never seen it this green.  I think Tucson had a good monsoon this year.

Here is Jim wearing his new bike helmet.  It's very visible.  He also has shoes that color.

We've put the hummingbird feeder back up.  We're watching two hummers chasing each other away through the window.  They need to cooperate so that they can both eat.

Other than this, I have very little to report.


  1. Settling in is a good thing but I'm like you. Not much to blog about. Enjoy your winter.

  2. Awwww, I feel bad for the lone javelina too. How sad! I hope they can herd him out. Looks like great cycling, do enjoy!