Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election and Saguaro East

Well.  It feels like all of the air has been sucked out of the room.  I can not believe that man won.  I can't believe America hates women so much that they chose him over her.
Even if he's only a one term president, he's going to do some damage.  Ryan is already working on defunding the ACA.  The war on women is about to heat up again.  It will not surprise me if some forms of birth control are outlawed on his watch.
I am very, very angry at my fellow Americans who chose him.  It seemed like we were a better nation than this, but I was wrong. 

Jim and I are both in mourning.  I really wanted to hear someone call Hillary "Madame President."

We went out to Saguaro East this afternoon and walked around in the desert for awhile.  It's nice out there.


  1. So many of us feel the same. I just hope our country and the world order will survive. I just don't see him improving anyone's lot in life except his own. He is the ultimate con man, and the country has been conned. So many bent over willingly. I hope the young girls of pur country know enough to avoid being in the same room with men like him. Oh, but didn't he say if a woman is harrased she should quit and find a new job! I am so angry as the voters.

  2. I found out over the weekend that my sister-in-law was a big Trump supporter. I asked my brother how, as a woman, she could vote for that man, and he said she thinks he's funny and loves that he says and does whatever he wants. I was dumbfounded, but now it appears she was joined by a lot of other women who felt the same way. Simply astonishing!

  3. I know how you feel, as it was the same for me after the result of the Brexit vote. In fact there are many comparisons between the two results in that many many people voted who have not voted before and will probably never will again. But what I think is the underlying issue both in the US & the UK is that people wanted change and that policies in both countries over looked the low income and under educated people. This is the section that Trump tapped into. But for me I go back to the beginning of the election campaign, in that how can a party elect a representative who has no government administration background and certainly no diplomatic talent. I could go on and on, but I sympathise with you and as you said 4 years is a long time and much damage can be done especially as he has control of both Houses

  4. Yes, this is a dark time for our country. This was the ultimate example of sexism and I fear for all the social rights and progress we have made in recent years (hell, even in decades...can you imagine if they were to overturn Roe v Wade?).

    I had to go on a good HARD hike yesterday to relieve some of the intense tension built up in my body. I am so ashamed of my country right now.

  5. Agree with all (post and comments). I saw a chart that showed that, among whites, Hillary carried only women with college+ degrees. Obviously she got the Latino and African-American vote (thank you to all those of color!) White men, college-educated or not, all voted for Trump in higher numbers. Fortunately my husband was not in that group (thank the gods). One bright point of light is the millenials going for Hillary. They are the future, and one day we will have a progressive woman as our President, I'm sure. Just hope I'm alive to see it. I was so very hopeful.

  6. I was into a rage at first. Thinking of harm to white males but after a while the rage turned to sadness,grief and an understanding that many, many white women also voted for him. A perfect storm of unrest, unhappiness that's been brewing for a long. After we grieve, what can we do to put our nation back together?

    1. Boy howdy, that is the question, isn't it? We seem to have splintered into so many camps.