Monday, November 28, 2016

Hiking and Up Close With the Birds and the Bees

Saturday Jim came down with something.  Somewhere, someone breathed on him.  So Saturday was spent primarily on the couch, reassuring Jim that he would not perish.
Sunday we walked out into the Tucson Mountains, out towards the Camino del Oeste trailhead.  We started on the Bowen Trail.  It was just a gorgeous day, but very windy.

The saguaros out there are very happy.  There are a lot of them.

Today we went back out the Bowen trail, but turned left at the Y and went to the old Bowen Homestead.  This is the view from one of their doors.  A kiosk has been installed in front of the house, with a request that people stop vandalizing it.  Good luck with that.

The chollas want to reach out and touch someone.

This morning we spent some time sitting on the patio waiting for it to warm up some.  This is the aggressive male hummingbird that drives off all of the other hummingbirds.  He is watching that bee.

Still watching.  Apparently hummers do not like the bees.

He's leaning back.

At this point the hummer is flying backwards as the bee approaches him.

Eventually the bee departed, and he got a drink.

Now he's off to terrorize the other hummingbirds.

Recently, there has been much discussion about bringing the jobs back.  This is a very interesting article about how the jobs are changing in aerospace.  Robots are doing more and more of the work.  It used to be that a high school graduate could sign on at Boeing and earn a living wage.  Those days are close to over.

Then later, there was this.


  1. Great hummingbird photos, especially that first one. We have been trying to get one that shows their color but they're too fast for us!

  2. When us men get ill its always very bad. Trump supporters are very naive if they think that a return to fuller manufacturing means that factories , mines etc are going to start employing more people, when a robot monitored by one person can work 24/7 and do the work of x number of people.

  3. Fantastic hummer shots!

    Interesting report on the aerospace industry. One more thing that makes me grateful I am done working...