Saturday, November 12, 2016

Two Days of the Tucson Mountains

Today, being Saturday, puts us at day five of the windy days.  Tuesday through Friday were of the sort that can make one take a step back.  Hope that today will be better is dimming as I watch the trees in the neighborhood behind us.  So far, the Tucson weather has been suboptimal.
Thursday we hiked from the Genser trailhead up to the ridge line.  We kept hearing machinery, and eventually were able to see this crane.  The reservoir is being expanded.  The green area to the right is the existing, the shiny part is new.  They've put up concrete walls, with roof supports in the water.  They're putting down what appear to be large sheets of aluminum. We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

Rocks in the distance.

Another shot of the reservoir. It's big.  Golf courses need a lot of water in the desert.

On the way back, Jim was attacked by a cholla.  As he passed by it, a gust of wind knocked it into his arm where it stuck.  My only tool for removing it was a tube of sun screen.  We eventually got if off.  So that day's key learning is to always hike with a pocket comb.  They are the best method to get those things off of your flesh.

We got home to discover one of these wretched birds had tried to use the hummingbird feeder.  I have the kind with perches because the hummers like to sit there.  Anyway, he dumped out all of the hummer juice, down the side of the bus where it hardened off and all over the table we keep by the door.
What do you notice about that palm tree he's on?  The grounds guys went through the park over the summer and peeled the bark off of some of the trees, including ours.  I'd really like to know the logic path behind that decision.
Also notice how is feathers are ruffled up from the wind.

Friday we went up the Cat Mountain trail.  It's a lovely hike with the exception of the long unpleasant walk to get there.  First there is a dirt road followed by a wash full of loose rocks and boulders.

 It gets better and then you see things like this.

It feels incredibly banal, expending the effort to document the unexceptional.  But what can you do?  America made the choice to elect a con man, and all that's left for us is to vote at the mid-terms.


  1. It should be fascinating to watch the reservoir grow over the course of the winter. Distractions...

  2. I'm surprised that a woodpecker went for your hummingbird feeder! I have never seen them do that. Usually they just go for bugs and suet. If you hang some suet up on the tree in a suet cage, I bet they'll never bother your hummingbird feeder again. I love birds. <3

    1. Unfortunately, the only bird feeders allowed in the RV park are for hummingbirds. Seeds and suet attract pack rats, which then board the RVs.

  3. Since I put up the hummingbird feeder 5 days ago it has mostly been taken over by a pair of Gila woodpeckers and a pair of Northern flickers. Since it's attached to the window with suction cups they don't spill out the nectar, but they sure do drink a lot more than the hummingbirds do! Yesterday I put out a container of water on top of the grill, which I've seen them drinking out of, so maybe they will let the hummingbirds be.

    1. I'm looking at a stick on feeder. The woodpeckers are just relentless, more so than last year.