Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rain, Hummingbirds, Detailing

Thursday (11/3) our friends Kim and Jim stopped in for two days on their way back to Texas.  We had a very impressive storm with thunder and lightning.  Then there was a double rainbow.  Kim took this, my camera did not see it as well as hers did. 

We took the pickup truck into the Chevrolet dealer for detailing.  After towing it through the agricultural regions of California it was dirt encrusted.  They do such a good job.  They steam cleaned the wheel wells and the engine.  Look at that, it's a five year old engine and it still can be pretty.

 This is the aggressive male hummingbird who chases all of the other hummers away from the feeder.  They're really fun to watch, he sits in the palm tree and waits.  When another bird comes to the feeder he drops down chirping and drives them away.

This female has managed to get something to eat.  I wonder what she will have to say to the male when breeding season starts.

Marco and his crew came today and washed and waxed the RV.  It, too, is now all loveliness and shininess. I am very grateful for the fact that I did not have to participate.

Tomorrow is a bike day. Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to have very high winds, so we'll probably be hiking.  We're thinking we may join a gym again so we have stuff to do in the afternoon.  As soon as this infernal election is over, I will regain control over my thought processes once again, and the internet will be less interesting.  Having the gym in the afternoon will be good.

No, Jim is not voting for The Donald.


  1. I get stressed out just hearing the news or surfing the news...cannot wait till this election is over and Trump is out of the spotlight!

  2. LOL, love the final picture! We are a two-HRC family as well. :-) Sure would love to have a mobile guy come to wash and wax our motorhome, but I suspect a certain someone would never want to pay for it. Bet it looks lovely!

    1. The water here is so hard that it has to be dried immediately or it spots. We wash it in Seattle, but not here. Plus, we don't have a buffer. She's very shiny now.

  3. As I look out at a frosty morning, those palm trees almost make me nostalgic. :)