Monday, July 4, 2016

The Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July Earthlings!  I hope your holiday has been a happy one.  Ours was very pleasant in the damp Issaquah micro-climate.
We hiked the Tradition Plateau trail system today since the streets were wet.  Today's key learning is to stay off the Wetlands Trail.  There's a small, stagnant pond up there that is a mosquito breeding pond.  I have several very impressive welts from being bitten.

There are bears in the area.  Most of the stumps and many trees have been clawed by bruins looking for tasty bugs.  We were very happy not to see them.

We saw these critters on a ride the other day.  The goats are almost as tall as the ponies.

When doing the 5k urban walk, we pass by a magnolia tree in bloom.  It's an excellent specimen.

I guess it's obvious that I have virtually nothing to blog about.  Tomorrow should be dry, so it'll be a bicycling day.  Maybe there will be pictures of cows!


  1. Those bears can do some damage on the trees when they are hungry. Have a good ride. We will be doing a bit of mountain biking ourselves.

  2. That looks like a beautiful hiking trail, but too bad about the mozzies. They can really make all the difference in an experience and take it from wonderful to miserable in no time. Gorgeous magnolia blossom photo!