Friday, July 22, 2016

Life NW RV Resort

While we were in Harrisburg last time, we stayed at Life NW RV Resort and hotel complex.  In the past I have written some terrible reviews of this place.  The first two photos are screen prints of their website's photos, which were taken with a fish eye lens.  Sites are much closer together than they appear.
Anyway, the park is under new management, and these people are much nicer than the previous regime.  They are pleasant and cooperative.  The construction has completed and the new church is complete.  Services are held Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, so there is not too much traffic.

We were on a different site than the one we usually get that has the power pole that pops.  I don't know if it still does that.  Anyway, for this stay power was good.  Sites are not level, they tip to one side.  The concrete is still breaking, it looks a little sad.  Interior roads are paved.  Verizon 4G generally shows 3 bars and it's tolerable.  Restrooms and laundry are kept clean.  This is not a destination park, we're there for its proximity to Elite.
The biggest knock on the park remains the water.  It is just unbearable.   We put water in the Brita reservoir one night, and by the following morning it still had not run through the filter.  This is water that has already passed through a carbon block filter.  So, if you go, bring drinking water.

It's very rural out there.  They were haying behind the park, making dust.


  1. OMG on the water...we have never, ever experienced anything like that. Hope we never do. Our most frequent water issue is over-chlorination, but not going through a Brita filter all night!?!?!? Wowza!

  2. P.S. I love your photo of the grapes. Gorgeous!