Monday, July 11, 2016


Well, it's been since the 4th since I've posted.  Mostly because we've done zippity doo-dah all of anything that was interesting, but also because of recent current events.  I remember when I was in grade school (back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and dirt was new) we would have "current events" in class.  We all hated it, the subject seemed so dry and far removed from anything important.  I wonder if they still do that in schools.  It seems like one should at least allude to the recent deaths, but what is there to say?  It's bad to shoot people?  I don't know.  One wonders how did we get here.  I believe I shall use the rest of our current allotment of data on cat videos.

We have been walking briskly daily.  The weather has not been very good for riding.  The streets are wet, or it's raining, and I hate getting my bike dirty.

There has been snail watching.

This is a terrible picture.  My camera seems to have managed to have not focused on anything.  But there he goes, crossing the bike/walk trail, heading towards the freeway.  Good luck to him.

Tomorrow we're heading south for Oregon.  We'll be having a new refrigerator installed.  Ours will no longer hold temperature consistently, and I'm tired of replacing parts on it.  So, there will be a new frost free residential unit in its stead.  We're spending the weekend down there.  Monday we're visiting Peterson Caterpillar about a slow oil leak in the engine, and having the cooling hoses replaced.  Since engine access is through the floor in the bedroom and bedroom closet, all clothing must be removed from the closet.  This will be such a giant pain in the butt.  The prospect of the logistics of this are making me somewhat irritable.

That's it, that's all I have to report.


  1. Good luck with your repairs. It does sound less than fun. I actually like your second snail photo. Looks like the camera focused in on the little guy and left the rest of the world in kind of a blur, which is probably a snail's eye view anyway, right? Safe travels!

  2. Great shot of the snail from behind:) Glad you got to meet Dave and Sue and my favorite furry boy:) They are wonderful people that we really miss since parting ways.