Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bike and Hike

Yesterday we rode out in Carnation Valley.  It was a lovely day.  We're riding fairly slowly, we're both really out of shape.  However, it does have some advantages over riding with your head down.  We saw this.  It's a beaver lodge.  On the branch over the lodge is a heron. The camera couldn't really pick him out from so far away, but he's there, preening.  This is not stuff we'd notice on a training ride.  I am looking forward to the day when my butt will allow me to stay on the bike longer.  Thus far it has been a fairly painful reintroduction to the bicycle seat.

This afternoon we hiked.   Why is it that steep trail sections never look steep?  This stretch is a bear, but it looks totally unimpressive.

Here we are at a view point, on the Powerline Trail, on the way to Tradition Lake.  See?  We did climb a bit.

This is the completely underwhelming lake.  There's no access to it other than bushwhacking down a steep embankment.  We also learned today that the map at the kiosk in the parking lot bears no relationship to reality.  Trails are not where it says they are.

It was a good hike, the sun finally came out after a lengthy marine push, so it was all good.

We have rabbits that hang out in our side yard. The one on the right is a male.  The one foreground is a female.  He wants to mate really badly.  She is not interested.  He got close the other night, but then she kicked him in the head and went back to eating.

Tomorrow is bike day again.  Then it'll be off to the grocery store because we are once again out of food. 


  1. Teehee...I totally understand about trails, hills when cycling, etc. looking very unimpressively flat in photos. Why is that?! But it looks like a beautiful hike, and I know you did climb. You'll get your bike fitness back. I have gone a year without cycling at a time and managed to come back and have some of my best cycling years ever, so never give up.