Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back to Oregon

We're in Harrisburg.  Yesterday morning we departed Issaquah and went to the Armitage Campground in Coburg, which is a Lane County Park.  We were extremely fortunate in that all of the terrible traffic was northbound.  It's still a long drive.  One of the best parts is (are?) the Nisqually Flats.  It's a swampy area that is really pretty.  Notice the mountains way far out in the distance.

Armitage is sited along the McKenzie River.  There is a boat launch into the river and a short little trail around the park.  Our next door neighbors were Dave and Sue and their most excellent poodle, Lewis.  Zero pictures were taken by anyone while sitting out talking.  Lewis is not fond of children, especially wheeled children.  He stuck his head under Dave's arm so he would not have to see the scary kids.  I'm sorry I missed that one.  It was a lovely evening and we're looking forward to seeing them again.

Today we headed north to the RV park near Elite.  Tomorrow morning we're going in for the new refrigerator and associated cabinet work.  It's a two day process.  We still have mixed feelings about losing the gas absorption box, but it ain't working!  With any luck there will be pictures of that.

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  1. How nice that you got to meet Dave and Sue and Lewis. We don't know them but I see them on lots of other blogs. I always love their photos of Lewis! He looks like such a sweetie.
    Hope your work goes well.