Monday, July 18, 2016

Doing Time in Harrisburg

Le Sigh….. The refrigerator installation has not been without its challenges.  We had planned to be at Peterson Caterpillar this morning to have the inconsequential oil leak diagnosed and fixed.  However, we are back in Elite’s yard.  The refrigerator needs to be plugged in to an inverted outlet when we are off shore power. It was tripping off after five minutes of being plugged in, and unfortunately taking out the TV and satellite system, because they’re all on the same circuit.

We do have a new refrigerator – it’s a Samsung French door, with the freezer down.  It’s not the model I would have chosen, but the guys at Elite feel it’s very durable for the RV life, and this is what they install.


How, you wonder, do such big things come into your RV?  It’s done with a fork lift through the window they removed.  They waited for us to go breakfast and then they did the swap.  I guess there are some things the RV owner should not witness.


Here is Jim, emptying the cooler for what we hope will be the last time.  Once the issues with the frig are sorted, this is going over the side.  We only used it for defrosting the old freezer.


Yesterday we set out for Corvalis to walk around.  However, we were diverted to Les Schwab due to a tire going flat.  We had picked up a nail. If you’re in their service area, these guys are good.  We were a drop in, they took the truck back right away and fixed it for $14. They’re a good thing.


We’ve been watching the Tour de France.  Yesterday the route went up and down both sides of the Col de Grand Colombier.  It’s an amazing road.

col grand colombiere

If you’re not racing the TdF, this is what you’ll see from the top after you ride up the hill.

col grand _2

In local news, there is a hay fire in Junction City.  $1.5 million dollars worth of freshly harvested hay has gone up in smoke.  Apparently there was spontaneous combustion in a pile of debris, and high winds pushed the fire toward the product.  They’re saying it will burn for days.  The wind direction has changed and we can now smell the smoke in Harrisburg.

hay fire

There are plum trees along the railroad tracks on the edge of Elite’s yard.  They’re tiny, but they are really good.


So, the old 15 amp breaker has been swapped out with a new one.  The refrigerator is running off the inverted plug, and so far it’s holding.  Sometimes I wonder if Jim and I are cut out to own a Class A.  Yes, it’s a luxurious condo with wheels, but there are just so many systems, all of which seem to want to break and bedevil us.  We’ve quit believing that there will ever come a time when nothing is broken.  To paraphrase Nina of WheelingIt – if 80% is working, we’re 100% happy.


  1. Whew! I have nothing else, just whew!

  2. I love Le Tour, and look forward to it every year. Not only is it an amazing race but a fantastic travelogue for France. Its always good when they cycle some of the routes that I've cycled too. Brings back memories.

  3. Les Schwab rocks!

    I am glad we purchased a 5th seems there are fewer mechanical things that can go wrong! Fingers crossed this is your last repair for a while...

    1. It was a difficult decision to buy a Class A. We knew going in how bad it could be from other people's experience. Our 5th wheel was also a problem child. After four (4!) gray tank replacements, it still would not hold water. Any 5th wheel we looked at with enough room in the basement for the road bikes was 40 feet long. Towing that much didn't seem like a good thing. And thus, the Class A came into our lives.