Monday, April 13, 2015

Riding in San Diego

We're in San Diego at the Mission Bay RV Resort.  We arrived yesterday after a bumpy ride on California's highways.  We think one lumpy stretch caused the gravel guard to swing up with enough force to bend it against the RV's frame rail. We're going to see if we can get it off and bend it against the picnic table to straighten it out some.  It's always something.
Jim and Gayle and Suzanne are here, as well.  We just missed Debbie, who left the day we got here. That was a bummer. 
Today we rode our bikes on the paths around the bays and along the ocean.  It was a spectacular day.  How cool is this, to be riding ocean side?

This is one of the breweries in San Diego.  There are many.  I love that giant barrel with spigots.  They were closed, so sad.

Gayle and Suzanne examined the menu next door.  Ultimately we decided to move one.

Look at the boat in the lower right corner of the picture.  This is so cool.  The boat has a hydrofoil, which is a wing that runs under the water surface of the water and lifts the hull out of the water.   The boat was moving out smartly.  We also saw kite boards with hydrofoils, as well.  There was a lot of wind for them to play with.

Tomorrow will be hiking.

It's so weird being here.  After the last few weeks in Tucson with the heat, it's just weird that it's not hot anymore.  We've been enjoying the climate and the fact that the sun is not boring into our heads.  We've been looking at the weather in places we're thinking about going to, and I'm constantly amazed to see that it's not hot everywhere. 

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  1. That's San Diego for you, pretty darn perfect weather all year round!