Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hiking in the Heat

Today we hiked.  It was hot.  However, there were no rattle snakes, so we're happy about that.  It creeps me out some knowing that they're out there.

The afternoon winds have been significant.  Two dust devils have gone through the park today.  It always amazes me that people will go away and leave their awnings out.  We just watched the awning on a 5th wheel bend back across the top of the RV.

So, we're not going to Rodeo.  The forecast is for overcast and high winds.  We thought about it and decided that driving the bus in the wind would not be fun, nor would hiking.  We're booked through Thursday in Rincon.  Hopefully by then we'll have an idea of how much longer it will be.

This is an interesting graphic I swiped off of Twitter, it's from Mother Jones.  How does one balance the jobs and income provided by exports, and the need for drinking water?  The governor has some hard choices to make.

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