Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Photos From Zion

Life got in the way today, so there were no big hikes done.  Jim spent some time washing the RV this afternoon.  I, being a bad wife, did not help - so I drove in to Zion to see if the park was crowded.  Why yes, yes it is.  The campgrounds are full, there are people everywhere.  Even though the ankle biters are in school, the park is full of visitors.  Is it ever not full?
I did a short walk up the Watchman Trail and took a few pictures.  Here they are.


Tomorrow's plan is to get up early (hah!) and drive through the park to the East Rim Trail.  We want to see Observation Point, but we're going to do the easy route.  We could probably make it from the bottom, but then I would be crippled for the rest of our stay here.


  1. Zion looks beautiful as always but it is always crowded. Can't believe you left Jim home to wash the rig while you went to the park!

  2. We did this hike to Observation Point in the fall. The road can be a little tricky in spots but some rather low cars did get back there. We did the main hike up two years earlier because the road the Mesa Trail was still frozen and unpassable even with our Jeep. Here is a website we used for our month visit to Zion two years ago. This fellow is not only a fantastic photography but has the best hiking site for all of Zion. We found that we just hiked in east Zion during Easter/ Spring Break because no else knew about the area and it was never crowded. Joe divides the park into section and shares the trails, directions, and photos of what to see along the way. It is an amazing site. You will find it so valuable. Enjoy:)


    1. Thanks for that. The road today was really good and easy to drive.

  3. Oh, be still my beating heart! Hard to keep the Winnie from pointing north when I see those photos!